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DevOps training

Better, Stronger, Faster: Obtain DevOps certification through the DevOps Institute.
Master the DevOps model using open-source tools like Puppet and Chef.

DevOps Institute
The DevOps Institute

The quality standard for DevOps competency-based education.


Advanced Infrastructure Hacking
DevSecOps Hands-on

DevSecOps has been described as 'security as code', 'a marriage of DevOps and Security' and 'Shifting security to the left'.

DevOps Roadshow videos

Watch the videos of QA's recent DevOps Roadshow, presented by QA's DevOps experts.

DevOps training courses


Certified DevOps Test Engineer (DTE)

2 Days

Configuration Management With Puppet

4 Days

Configuration Management with Puppet with Exam

5 Days

DevOps certifications


Certified DevOps Test Engineer (DTE)

2 Days

DevOps statistics


of business that implement Devops notice improved collaboration

Source: ScriptRock

experience improvement in the quality of their deployments

Source: ScriptRock

report a higher quality of code production

Source: ScriptRock

less time spent handling support cases by DevOps teams

Source: ScriptRock

DevOps blogs


Cyber Security in a DevOps environment

Automate all the security!

This blog discusses how to deal with Cyber Security in a DevOps environment. Read the full article

The DevOps pipeline

The DevOps pipeline

This blog focuses on giving you the complete picture of DevOps, its key tools and how you can use them effectively. Read the full article

Docker training course

Docker and legacy applications

Legacy applications can be a problem for companies. We still need a way of moving them to the cloud, or just making the deployment a little more predictable. This blog focuses on how to do this. Read the full article

Puppet training course

Introducing Puppet - a configuration management DevOps tool

This is the third in a series of blogs looking at DevOps and its key tools. This blog focuses on Puppet - a configuration management tool which enables continuous integration. Read the full article

Approved Training | Chef

QA selected as official UK training partner for Chef

QA, the UK leader in IT and business skills training, has been chosen by Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, to be its official training partner in the UK. Read the full article

Docker training course

Introducing Docker - a versatile DevOps tool

This is the second in a series of blogs looking at DevOps and its key tools. This blog focuses on Docker - a containerisation engine that allows you to package up an application and deploy it easily to a server. Read the full article

Chef training course

Introducing Chef - an innovative DevOps tool

This is the first in a series of blogs looking at DevOps and its key tools. This blog focuses on Chef - a tool that streamlines the task of configuring and maintaining a company's servers. Read the full article

Web Developer training

T Shaped Developers are the new normal

Work like a ninja! With a little training and development you can utilise your web developers in house. Read the full article

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the multi-skilling of people to make the whole development, operations and testing workflow more agile.

In the DevOps model, developers and system operators work together closely throughout the software development process. At QA we currently offer training in Puppet, Docker, GIT, Jenkins and Chef - open-source tools designed to support deployment using the DevOps methodology. Propriety DevOps deployment tools are also available for AWS.

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