About this course

Course code TPIMLIN
Duration 1 Day

  • This course teaches you how to use the IML procedure via the programming language. You will benefit from this course if you plan to use SAS/IML for matrix manipulations or if you plan to use it to implement statistical, econometric, or operations research methods.


Before attending this course, you should

  • have completed the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course or understand the material within
  • possess an understanding of elementary matrix algebra or linear algebra concepts and operations, including matrix dimensions, matrix addition and multiplication, matrix inversion, and scalars.

Who should attend

  • SAS programmers, statisticians, econometricians, engineers, or others who manipulate data using matrix operators and matrix algebra

Delegates will learn how to

Learn how to

  • explicitly assign values to a new matrix
  • create a matrix from a SAS data set and create a data set from a matrix
  • control which rows and columns are read from (or written to) a data set
  • use matrix operators and functions in assignment statements
  • use IML commands to control the programming environment
  • use subscript operators to summarize and subset matrices
  • use iterative and conditional processing to control program flow
  • write, store, and retrieve IML modules.


SAS/IML Matrices

  • types of matrices
  • assigning values to matrices

SAS/IML Language

  • control statements
  • command statements
  • call statements and functions
  • assignment statements and operators

Subscripting Operations

  • selecting submatrices
  • performing row and column reduction

Processing Data Sets

  • creating matrices from data sets
  • creating data sets from matrices

Developing a SAS/IML Program

  • creating modules as subroutines and functions
  • iterative processing
  • conditional processing

SAS/IML Storage Features

  • storing modules and matrices
  • loading modules and matrices

Managing Memory and Workspace

This course addresses

  • SAS IML software.

1 Day

Delivery Method

Delivery method


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