Enabling the Data Driven Organisation

QA helps organisations to power the roles, skills and capabilities to fully enable data.

Getting 'data-ready'

Data Literacy – QA helps you understand the art of data.

Getting the most from data

QA helps you to build your data capability.

Meet our experts

You can meet QA's experts – real people, with deep data expertise.


David Walker

Head of Emerging Technologies

Dr. Lianheng Tong

Dr. Lianheng Tong

Principal Technologist for Data Science

Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess

Principal Technologist for Machine Learning

Managing your databases

QA helps you to use key tools to deploy and manage databases - both on-premises and in the cloud.

QA's Data blogs

QA's blogs provide expertise into some of the most challenging - and rewarding - aspects of data insight, usage, management and deployment.

Leading Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation - do you know what it means?

QA's Head of Organisational Consultancy, Dr Ian Clarkson, discusses what is meant by Digital Transformation and how QA's Organisational Consultancy can help ensure a successful change. Read the full article

Leading Digital Transformations

7 ways to develop a digital-first mindset

Digital is disrupting the business landscape at every level and organisations that fail to transform will be left behind. But to make a success of digital transformation, you need a digital mindset. So what does it mean to ‘think digital’? Read the full article

Leading Digital Transformations

Developing Skills and Capabilities for the Future: What does a Data Scientist do and how will they rule the business world

#newrules #futureproof #SkillsfortheDigitalAge Read the full article

Leading Digital Transformations

Why you should be using Data Science, AI and Machine Learning

This article looks at how highly trained and motivated Data Scientists are critical in helping businesses become the 'Organisation of the Future'. #newrules #futureproof #SkillsfortheDigitalAge Read the full article

Google Cloud Training: Data Engineering

Dude, where's my Data?

QA's Principal Technologist gives his experience of the Google Data Engineering course. Read the full article

Re-future: Why choose QA for your Data Driven transformation?


  • QA 'do data' – we've done it for 20 years. Data Science is a new way of looking at problems.
  • Our syllabus is modular – we can adapt to your need.
  • We've designed and built our offering to integrate with our partners in Cloud – giving us one of the biggest Data learning programmes in the market.
  • We have a modern approach to learning and problem solving using challenge based activities.
  • Our experts become your experts – employed SMEs and facilitators as well as a strong partner network.
  • We have a broad range of delivery modality, with an in-house expert Digital Learning team.

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