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Dr Mahdi Aiash

School of Science and Technology

Dr Mahdi Aiash is with the School of Science and Technology, Middlesex University. Dr Aiash is involved in a number of research projects nationally and internationally. His main interest is in the area of Secure Future Internet, Network and Cyber Security. He is a computer security researcher & practitioner with industry, academic, and research experience. He is an active contributor to the academic as well as broader international community working on Information and Network Security issues. Dr Aiash has published in excess of 50 peer reviewed papers in prestigious journals and conferences; he is a recipient of a number of "Best Research Paper Awards". Dr Aiash presently maintains nearly two dozen certifications including Ethical/White Hat Hacker, Licenced Pen-tester and Information Security Officer. He has also conducted workshops and corporate trainings around the world apart from his speaking engagements. Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Security and QoS for Heterogeneous networks, 2012; Master of Science (with Distinction) in Computer Networks and Secuirty, 2008; BEng of Electical Engineering, Computing Department, 2004; PGCert-HE.


On Assessing the Impact of Ports Scanning on the Target Infrastructure

In this research paper Dr Mahdi Aiash, from the School of Science and Technology at Middlesex University, provides an in-depth analysis of port scan techniques, with extensive information of each scan technique. Read the full article


How efficient AntiViruses are: An empirical investigation of AntiViruses with RATs

In this research paper Dr Mahdi Aiash, from the School of Science and Technology at Middlesex University, conducts an empirical investigation of the efficiency of Antivirus programs in detecting malware. Read the full article

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