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Cyber Secure Developer

Cyber Security training courses for security project managers, software developers, business analysts and test teams.

Secure Coding Masterclass for Financial Services

5 Days

Secure Coding Masterclass for Healthcare

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Cyber Secure Developer


The majority of successful cyber attacks depend on exploiting a few well-known common vulnerabilities. We will show how to design security in, rather than bolting security on, and maintain security throughout a systems development lifecycle from initial requirements through to decommissioning and disposal of assets. By teaching software developers, business analysts and others managing the development lifecycle to hack their code and build secure libraries we start to address the problem.

Creating security advocacy throughout your development community is crucial to stemming the tide of vulnerable applications being released by organisations into their enterprise and online. Our depth of secure development training expands secure and defensive coding, secure by design and specific languages.

Why do we still have the same top ten OWASP vulnerabilities after so many years of publishing these facts? Every month another organisation is compromised though exploiting a simple vulnerability that could have been avoided, don’t let this be you.