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Cyber Offensive Defence

Cyber Security training courses for those responsible for defending IT networks, applications and infrastructure.

Wi-Fi Security - Offensive Defence

2 Days

Cyber Offensive Defence


Our range of pen testing and unique hacking courses set a new standard in ethical hacking training and raise the bar for cyber security education, designed to pull those less able up to an advanced level and push those more capable to new levels of ethical hacking. Develop your existing level of knowledge, enhance your exposure to common hacking tools and accelerate your offensive defence skills.

Our courses are packed with the latest awe inspiring vulnerabilities that technology vendors would rather you didn’t see. In our experience, many delegates are not able to hone their hacking skills in the workplace, which is why we provide 30 days post course access to a hacking lab following our advanced courses.

All of the labs are virtualised with dedicated virtual machines for each delegate to test themselves, practice and develop these advanced skills in a safe 'sandboxed' environment. We teach advanced hacking skills and techniques to allow individuals and organisations to better protect themselves against the ever increasing cyber threat landscape.

Hacking Track

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