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Course type Premium
Course code QAGEOFUND
Duration 2 Days

This course provides delegates fundamental knowledge of the specialist field of geo location tradecraft. The increasing use of geo location based apps and devices has presented investigators with a completely new world of opportunities, and exploits in the tracking and analysis of devices. This course will introduce the investigator into the opportunities available, and the accuracy and the data, both online and within devices. The course will empower the investigator with the best tools, tradecraft analysis and digital hygiene, in order to perform the tasks required, with the minimum of footprint, but maximum effect. The course is highly practical allowing delegates the time to explore and understand geolocation tools and resources.

Delegates will be presented with problems and data in order to track and locate devices, tracking speed direction and use. They will also be trained in the use of online tools and data gleaned by third parties in order to identify a device and its use in social media and other online forums. These exercises will empower the delegate with the tradecraft and methodology when faced with location data and grid references.

Intended Audience:

The intended audience is for anyone who wishes to be able to utilise advanced software and tools for finding intelligence gathering and investigation on the Internet and World Wide Web. It will be of particular interest to those in the private and public sector investigation or intelligence collection fields.


We recommend that delegates have already taken the Introduction to Open Source Intelligence (QAOSCII) before attending this course, although this is not a mandatory prerequisite. Participants are expected to have some knowledge of Open Source Intelligence techniques. Delegates must have an understanding of IPv4 and networks, AS ranges and Access points. An understanding of Router technology would be an advantage.

Delegates will learn how to

The course over 3 days will consist of the following elements and learning objectives.

  • Introduction to Tradecraft and digital Hygiene
  • Required understanding of lawful authorities, policy and governance
  • Knowledge of electronic footprints and digital traces
  • Understand device controls, opportunities and exploits
  • Be able to demonstrate social networking inputs and usage
  • Practical social engineering insight for geolocation
  • Advanced OSINT Tools use awareness, vulnerabilities and safety

The course will consist of practical exercises and real life examples throughout.


Module 1: Introduction to Tradecraft and digital Hygiene

  • Good practice
  • Policy compliance
  • Audible actions and record keeping
  • Best practice

Module 2: Legislation

  • Lawful authorities and considerations when applying, creative applications
  • Operational and organisational risk
  • Policy
  • OSC and IOCCO guidelines and interpretation. (DSA, PI)

Module 3: Electronic footprints and digital traces

  • Tracking device traces
  • Outputs
  • access point interrogation and analysis

Module 4: Device control, opportunities and exploits

  • RIPA possibilities
  • Provider capabilities
  • communication provider awareness and network opportunities
  • device anomalies and network scanning
  • Lateral thinking and dynamic problem solving

Module 5: Social networking inputs and usage

  • API exploits and opportunities
  • Third party databases and query awareness
  • Non obvious sources of data and information

Module 6: Social engineering impact

  • Terms and conditions exploits and capabilities, user

Module 7: Surveillance considerations

  • Covering both digital and real deployment

Module 8: OSINT Tools use awareness, vulnerabilities and safety

  • OSINT sources and methods
  • Safe tools
  • How to check connections and trackers on tools
  • Analysis software
  • Platform and Operating system awareness
  • Exploits, vulnerabilities and use

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2 Days


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