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Cyber Investigator Challenge Digital Treasure Hunt CTF

1 Day

Cyber Intelligence


Open Source Cyber Intelligence (OSCI) is fast becoming an essential toolset of the cyber security analyst and digital investigator. With the ability to map your own digital footprint, understand the extent that your cyber-enabled world leaks data which could put you and your organisation at risk is the foundation of this cyber intelligence trade craft. Expanding this discipline to incorporate the attack surface of your business, workplace or supply chain provides valuable actionable insight into the mind-set of a would-be attacker.

OSCI is complementary to the technical threat intelligence services from security vendors. When combined, organisations benefit from understanding the threat context provided within a service applied at an individual and organisational level.

Our cyber intelligence courses will provide you with the skills to become more efficient and effective at finding key pieces of intelligence on the Internet and World Wide Web. We have a highly practical approach allowing delegates the time to explore and understand some of the hundreds of tools and websites available, including a course focussing entirely on the Dark Web.