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Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Security training courses for those responsible for crisis management, communications and CERT teams.

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Cyberpsychologist Assisted Wargaming and Crisis Management


Introduction to Reverse Engineering Malware

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Cyber Incident Response


Cyber Crisis Management and Incident Response training provides the vital skills for your business leaders and specialists to lead and manage a cyber crisis. A crisis is different from the typical ‘emergencies’ that business continuity scenarios help prepared organisations for. When an organisation is thrown into crisis due to a cyber incident they are forced to deal with multiple ‘known – unknowns’ throughout the entire business, its works force and supply chain.

Attribution, commercial consequences and service impact are dynamic factors at the heart of a cyber crisis, different to normal process driven crisis response plans. Many of your stakeholders may not share the same goals or priorities when dealing with a cyber crisis.

QA provide public and closed cyber crisis management training and facilitated workshops to provide you with the skills, tools and techniques, plus a safe place to practice within our cyber lab, to respond to a cyber crisis and be prepared for the cyber crisis escalation.