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Course type Essentials
Course code QASEMCYSUM1
Duration 2 Hours

Come along to see the Cyber Labs and the unique learning environment available to guests with technical skills where you can take part in Decisions & Disruptions free of charge during our Cyber Summit.

Decisions & Disruptions is a table-top / role-playing game about security in industrial control systems. D-D players are tasked with managing the security of a small utility company: they are given a budget that they can spend among different defensive options.

Decisions have to be made, taking into account a number of potential threats, known vulnerabilities of the infrastructure, past and ongoing cyber-attacks, and of course budget limitations.

The game is to be played with 3 to 5 players plus a Game Master who directs the players, enforces rules and tells the game’s narrative.

A D-D session is expected to last up to 2 hours. The players need no preparation!

D-D is a turn-based game, where each turn represents approximately 2 months in the D-D world. A complete D-D session lasts 4 turns. Each turn follows the same structure:

  • The Game Master describes the game situation to the players: the state of their infrastructure, known threats and ongoing attacks.
  • The Game Master gives the players a budget (by default: 100,000 credits, or 100k) and presents a number of possible security investments such as firewall, antivirus or threat assessment.
  • The players debate which defences are more appropriate and decide by consensus where to spend their budget.

Target Audience

Those responsible for decision making in an industrial control systems environment.

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