Cyber Security training from QA

Cyber Consultancy

Cyber Security consultancy for any organisation that wants to confirm the effectiveness of its current cyber security controls, or is unsure how to go about establishing its cyber defences.

QA Cyber Consultancy


QA offers cyber consultancy services to its existing customers in three key areas, Cyber Security Compliance, Cyber Security Maturity Assessments and Data Protection and Privacy. Delivered by our in-house expert security practitioners who have a wealth of practical knowledge and industry experience.


Cyber Security Maturity Assessments

  • QACDCAT (MoD - Dstl product)


Faced with evolving threats and escalating risks, understanding and managing your organisation’s cyber defences has become essential to protecting your business. (CDCAT®) is a comprehensive way for organisations to assess their existing cyber defences, identify vulnerabilities and see what improvements should be made.

Its underpinning methodology was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Dstl is a government organisation dedicated to ensuring that innovative science and technology contributes to the defence and security of the UK.


Data Protection & Privacy

  • GDPR Awareness & Consultancy


In May 2018, a game-changing new EU-wide law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be coming into effect for all businesses which handle personal data. This directive covers a range of factors, including more stringent rules pertaining to data storage, access, consent, portability, breach notifications and more, with potential fines being levied on non-compliant firms.

We provide expert analysis, audits, tailored privacy services to determine whether you are GDPR ready and support, should you need it, to become compliant.


Cyber Security Compliance

  • ISO 27001


We provide cyber security compliance consultancy against these best of breed industry and card payment security standards. We offer both fixed-price packages and a comprehensive range of tailored services. Our ISO 27001 consultancy is designed to help design and implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that will add value to your business as well as being suitable for ISO 27001 certification.


Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced security posture
  • Expert cyber practitioner support
  • Thorough understanding of cyber risks
  • Leading cyber best practices guidance


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