Cyber Security training from QA

Cyber Awareness

Cyber Security training courses for staff of all levels.

Cyber Essentials for End Users (Phishing Assessment and eLearning)

5 Hours

Cyber Security SCQF 6 & 8 Apprenticeship Programme (Scotland)

17 Months

Cyber Security Technologist Level 4 Apprenticeship Programme (England)

19 Months

Cyber Essentials for End Users

A unique test to determine whether your staff is cyber aware or susceptible to phishing.

Cyber Awareness


Never has it been more important to ensure that your workforce is cyber aware when it comes to mitigating the risk of a cyber attack. A key element of this preparation is ensuring that employees have a good understanding of the threat landscape together with the steps they can take to help keep these increasingly sophisticated and determined cyber criminals at bay.

In many reported phishing incidents, the actions of users – either intentional or accidental – led to a security breach. The majority of IT security incidents are down to human error, so educating employees will significantly reduce the chances and minimise the impact of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Cyber awareness training is vital, from mitigating against an insider threat, understanding the supply chain risks or ensuring your executive management understand the issues and their responsibilities. Regardless of size, industry or geography cyber crime knows no boundaries. Educating users can help detect, deter and defend against the cyber threats that every business and individual faces.