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An alliance between AKD Solutions & NIGC moving you closer to compliance.

About WiCompli

NIGC has fused its expertise in data protection and information governance with AKD’s mastery of innovative learning and development to create an engaging, fun and very practical learning tool, WiCompli.

WiCompli is a game-based learning programme to support and embed awareness and application of good data protection. Playfulness has two important ingredients, creativity and problem solving, both crucial to achieving real change.

WiCompli is designed to stimulate deeper and more challenging conversations, allowing key messages to stick which results in tangible behavioural and systemic change. WiCompli is being used by a wide range of organisations including luxury car makers, the rail industry and social housing in a movement that is changing the way we learn about data protection.


WiCompli training courses


Data Protection Workshop - WiCompli

1 Day

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WiCompli experts


Nailah Ukaidi - Director of Nyela IG Consultants

A well-qualified and experienced Information Governance professional with an in-depth understanding of UK data protection, the GDPR, and awareness of the wider data protection and privacy and regime. Nailah is also a Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) Certified Trainer and Practitioner of GDPR. Experienced in leading and supporting public and private sector organisations towards GDPR readiness, she also creates and delivers training across the Information Governance piece and provides an authoritative and pragmatic approach to the many complex issues which can arise when addressing Governance, Risk and Compliance. Nailah’s qualifications include: BA (Hons), Pg. Dip Law, LPC, Cert. DP Law & IG, BCS DP Practitioner, Cert. IG, GDPR Practitioner.


Akin Thomas - Founder and CEO of AKD Solutions

Akin Thomas is founder and CEO of AKD Solutions an international learning and development consultancy. Akin’s work is driven by his ethos of Stimulating Brilliance. He leads a team that design innovative learning solutions that stimulate conversation, stimulate thinking and stimulate change. He has had senior leader roles in the public sector working complaints handing, and regulatory roles, with over 20 years’ experience in learning and development. His approach has been described as disruptive, creative and entrepreneurial. Considered a thought leader and is currently the future of learning development in organisations and how it must refocus to help organisations achieve their emerging futures. Akin works with organisations including the London Business School, Dnata, Sony PlayStation, British Medical Journal, IHG and Toyota.