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Recognising the inevitable fact that coding mistakes act as time bombs, how one tiny programming mistake caused a worldwide calamity, having been created 15-20 years earlier) and deciphering past-time mistakes is an arduous job, comes the overwhelming demand from the Business Desk of companies with software developer units: gaining TIME. This can only be reached by attaining a correct coding routine from beginning and avoid patching requirements and constant search for causes and pitfalls when incidents hit in.

Application Security has become one of the hottest topics since recent incidents in cyberspace. While companies spend huge amounts of money on network security and endpoint protection, vulnerable software are being deployed – and websites and services being hacked – on a daily basis. Sometimes there is a total lack of basics; sometimes the cost pressure and limited time available to developers de-focuses the team from paying attention to application security. At the same time, hackers have unlimited resources and unlimited time to plan and carry out attacks.

We see education as the golden opportunity where we could impact application security, and thus cyber security in a greater extent. Our delegates grow a much stronger immune system against attacks, sustaining a higher level code hygiene, resulting in a more secure application.

Scademy training courses

Java and Web Application Security

3 Days

Secure Coding Masterclass for Financial Services

5 Days

Secure Coding Masterclass for Healthcare

5 Days

Secure desktop application development in C#

3 Days


Secure Coding Academy, through our UK partner QA, have a clear and dedicated focus that application security requires the training of each and every software engineer. Our experience is that some 90% of all developers face challenges in the realm of secure coding while we enter the 25th hour in battling the exponentially increasing numbers of incidents that get more and more severe. To fight this front, the number of companies who made secure coding trainings compulsory for all their programmers is on a steep rise. SCADEMY’S mission is to educate 1 million developers in the next 10 years to make the coding environment significantly safer.

Our Background

SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy has been set up by university professors and is a by-product of a penetration testing operation, working together in symbiosis these days. It has been an explicit request from the client-side, after having delivered numerous testing and auditing services for 10 years, to educate the developer teams in the first place, not to commit the mistakes discovered during the tests. As an educational company focusing on exclusively secure coding, SCADEMY has become a leading global brand in this domain, proud to partner with QA in the UK.


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