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The CyberFish service portfolio allows organisations to integrate cyber psychology solutions across their human resources and cyber security processes. We provide a wide range of services from employee awareness training and individual cyber security advisory to behaviourist assisted incident response and business continuity capabilities, neurodiverse talent assessment techniques, digital footprint analysis including insider threat assessment.

Behaviourist Assisted Wargaming Exercises


Our interactive exercises help decision makers to:

  • Test the effectiveness of the cyber security/data protection training and the overall posture and functioning of the leadership team in case of a crisis situation
  • Assess the capacity of the leadership team to provide appropriate situational awareness to the different stakeholders and audiences within one hour from detecting a breach
  • Expose and address weaknesses and development areas in team dynamics, communications and decision making
  • Assess the leadership team's readiness to implement a range of proper recovery and communication procedures in the event of a data breach and as such contribute to incident response planning
  • Enhance cyber and data protection awareness, readiness and team synergies in the event of an incident
  • Develop individual development plans and corporate contingency plans for addressing crises



  • Participants will be able to compare their actual response to different data breach scenarios and the expected response by the facilitators. Participants can thus learn from technical cyber security, data protection, public relations and behavioural experts the best demonstrated practice and decision making milestones for data breach incidents.
  • Facilitators will identify and report gaps in training and individual competencies that will allow participants to work through threat scenarios together as a team and experiment their ability to cope with mission critical situations both from a technical and behavioural perspective.
  • Organisations can improve their organisational defences by understanding their leadership team’s reactions and facilitate their understanding of how they can perform under pressure, coping with stress and negative emotions as a team.

Who we are


Berta | Co-Founder, CEO | Cyber Psychology and Strategic Relationships


As someone who understands technology along with the inspirations behind people's behaviour, I'm a rare breed. I define my expertise as cyber psychology.

Pairing my occupational psychology experience with my threat intelligence expertise, I can effectively interpret online behaviour, trends and patterns. At The CyberFish I drive the service portfolio and work personally on our accounts engaging with high net worth individuals and senior executives helping them understand and navigate cyber risks.


AJ | Co-Founder, CTO | Cyber Security and R&D


I hold two degrees in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering and spent the last 15 years working in the cyber security industry focusing on threat intelligence and risk assessment. Having worked across different industry verticals on various international assignments, I understand the global nature of cyber threats. I firmly believe that the human element of any cyber security defence is the weakest link, hence my passion for co-founding The CyberFish. At The CyberFish I am in charge of knowledge management, I actively work with senior clients and delivering strategic projects.



Cyber Attitudes Assessment and Talent Profiling


Cyberpsychologist Assisted Wargaming & Crisis Management

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