Cyber Labs

Experience the Cyber Labs

QA’s state-of-the-art Cyber Labs enable teams to learn in a way that no other training does. Through collaboration, competition and simulation, those that attend experience real life cyber-attacks on ‘their’ infrastructure and, though our Capture the Flag (CTF) format, teams can learn prevent and combat security breaches with the added incentive of competition!

Cyber Investigator Challenge Digital Treasure Hunt CTF

1 Day

State-of-the-art Cyber Labs

International House is home to the QA Cyber Labs, where companies can simulate real-life cyber attacks on their infrastructure, helping them to prevent & combat breaches without risking their own network.


Click on the card below to download a PDF guide to our Capture the Flag events.


“An amazing set up to learn and practice against different attacks.”

“The event went well as it enabled me to learn a lot of content while giving me practical experience and was generally more engaging than standard courses”

“Very effective. It’s invaluable to get real world information in this way”

“I enjoyed the event, I enjoyed spending more time learning about the theory behind what we were taught.”

“The facilities were fit for purpose and the environment was spacious and effective for learning.”