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Duration 5 Days
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Please note: for Attend from Anywhere customers an additional screen is required. The additional screen must have a minimum screen size of 19 inch and minimum resolution of 1280x1024, with the vertical resolution (1024) being the most critical.

NB: Due to the dynamic nature of Microsoft Office 365 functionality the exact list of compliance features addressed in this course is subject to change.

This is a 5-day course with hands on labs learning how to implement Governance Security and Compliance (GSC) in Office 365 within the context of the Microsoft four step process. Within the course there is specific reference to GDPR, however this course is appropriate to anyone interested in any aspect of Governance Security and Compliance.

  • Discover—identify what personal data you have and where it resides.
  • Manage—govern how personal data is used and accessed.
  • Protect—establish security controls to prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities and data breaches.
  • Report—execute on data requests, report data breaches, and keep required documentation.

Target Audience

  • Technical Business Decision Makers
  • Office 365 IT Professionals
  • Anyone who has a business interest in how to Implement Governance Security and Compliance for their organisation in Office 365


An understanding of Office 365 core technologies and an interest in the business benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 Platform from a Governance Security and Compliance perspective.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction

Introduction to Compliance Standards and Microsoft Commitments

  • In this first section we discuss the common standards and regulations facing companies such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and NIST
  • There is an introduction to the commitments made by Microsoft across all their products to empower customers to meet these compliance requirements
  • An Introduction to the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center

Module 2 – Discover

  • Office 365 eDiscovery – Search and Export
  • Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery

Lab 2.1 Advanced eDiscovery Lab

  • Office 365 Content Search

Lab 2.2 Office 365 Content Search

  • Office 365 Labels

Lab 2.3 Office 365 Labels

  • SharePoint Online Search
  • SharePoint Content Types

Lab 2.4 Sharepoint Content Types

Lab 2.5 Sharepoint Content Type Search

Module 3 - Manage

  • Office 365 Data Governance
  • Importing Data into Office 365
  • Use Connectors in Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams
  • Searching Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams
  • Exchange Online Archiving

Lab 3.1 Exchange Archiving

  • Office 365 Retention
  • Office 365 Disposition Reviews
  • SharePoint Information Management Policies

Lab 3.2 Sharepoint Information Policies

  • Configuring Supervision Policies
  • Office 365 Multi-Geo

Lab 3.3 Multi Geo

  • Microsoft/Office 365 Cloud App Security

Lab 3.4 Cloud App Security

  • Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center
  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Dashboard
  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence Integration

Module 4 – Protect

  • Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication in Office 365

Lab 4.1 Multifactor Authentication

  • Authorization
  • SharePoint / OneDrive for Business Authorization
  • Controlling External Sharing in Office 365

Lab 4.2 Sharepoint and OneDrive External Sharing

  • Exchange Online Authorization
  • Office 365 Admin Roles
  • Security & Compliance Center Permissions
  • Office 365 Groups and Teams Guest Access
  • Roles and Permissions in Microsoft Teams
  • Controlling Guest Access in Office 365 Groups
  • Controlling Guest Access in Microsoft Teams
  • Manage Who Can Create Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams

Lab 4.3 Managing Office 365 Groups and Teams

  • Office 365 Alert Policies

Lab 4.4 Office 365 Alerts

  • Security & Compliance Center eDiscovery Holds

Lab 4.5 Office 365 Holds

  • Retention Policies
  • Office 365 Label Record Management
  • Legacy Features Replaced by Retention Policies
  • Exchange Archive Mailboxes and Retention Policies

Lab 4.6 Exchange Retention Policies (Optional)

  • Exchange Journaling
  • SharePoint Records Management
  • Office 365 Azure Information Protection

Lab 4.7 Azure Information Protection

  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

Lab 4.8 Data Loss Prevention

  • Office 365 Mobile Device Management
  • Office 365 Encryption
  • Office 365 Secure Score

Lab 4.9 a Secure Score

  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Lab 4.9 b Exchange ATP

  • SharePoint and OneDrive Conditional Access
  • Customer Lockbox
  • Microsoft Security Incident Management Process

Module 5 – Report

  • Office 365 Auditing

Lab 5.1 Office 365 Auditing

  • SharePoint Site Collection Auditing
  • Exchange Online Auditing
  • Search for eDiscovery Activities in the Office 365 Audit Log
  • Create a Holds in eDiscovery Cases Report
  • E-mail Security Reports
  • Supervision Reports
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Reports
  • Office 365 Management API
  • Microsoft Compliance Manager

Lab 5.2 Compliance Manager

  • Microsoft GDPR Assessment Tool
  • Microsoft Service Trust Portal
  • Microsoft Trust Center
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