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Code TPBOW320v3
Duration 1 Day

This one-day course is designed to give you you the comprehensive skills needed to apply alternative query and reporting techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents using BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Web Intelligence.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Create combined queries and use sub-queries.
  • Use character and date string functions, create variables using 'If' logic, and redefine calculation contexts.

The course also provides an optional appendix describing how to link Web Intelligence documents using the OpenDocument URL command.


Advanced Query Techniques

  • Using combined queries
  • Using sub-queries
  • Creating a query based on another query
  • Changing data sources
  • Using the query drill
  • Using query sampling
  • Understanding dimensions and details

Character and Date String Functions

  • Using character string functions
  • Concatenating different data types
  • Using date functions

Calculation Contexts

  • Understanding calculation contexts
  • Redefining calculation contexts

Using If Logic

  • Grouping data with If() logic
  • Modifying calculation behaviour with If() logic
  • Using IF/ELSEIF

Additional Reporting Techniques

  • Using data tracking
  • Displaying data restricted by a filter or ranking
  • Using additional report functions

Linking to Documents

  • Linking to documents and URLs in Web Intelligence
  • Creating hyperlinks in the HTML Report Panel
  • Creating hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Rich Client and Java Report Panel

1 Day


This is a QA approved partner course

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Delivery method


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