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In this practitioner level course you will learn how to apply your UX Practitioner skills to a Lean and Agile ways of working. Designed by UX and Agile specialists in conjunction this hands on workshop based events will take you through a case study in a series of simulated sprints allowing you to practice what you have learned and see how quickly you can innovate and embed Lean and Agile into your UX behaviour.

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Detailed Information

Understanding Lean

  • The origins of Lean
  • The Principles of Lean
  • Applying Lean to UX
  • The Language of Lean
    • MVP
    • Fail fast
    • Continual Improvement
  • Workshop: Lean Value Mapping

Understanding Agile

  • The origins of Agile
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The major Agile frameworks
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Extreme Programming
  • Self-forming and Cross Functional Team
  • How UX can fit into Agile
  • Discussion: How do you do Agile?

The Role of UX Practitioners in Agile Teams

  • Working towards Cross Functionality
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Ensuring the User is seen in sprints
  • Workshop: Self-forming Teams

Agile User Stories

  • The importance of Agile Stories in planning
  • Being the User advocate in Sprint planning
  • Implementing User goals in Sprint planning
  • Workshop: Writing Agile User Stories

The Product Backlog & Sprint Planning

  • What is a Product Backlog?
  • Sprint Planning
  • Getting the team to empathise with the user
  • Adding the UX/UCD criteria to the 'definition of done'
  • Workshop: Working with a Product Backlog and Sprint Planning

Thinking Lean - Understanding the Lean UX Process

  • Understanding Jeff Gothelf's vision for Lean UX
  • Aligning Lean and Agile - working in siloed Teams
  • Working at velocity and measuring it

Vision, Framing and Outcomes

  • Assumptions, and why they are not a bad thing
  • Workshop: Designing a Business Assumptions Worksheet
  • Hypotheses - building a rapid proposal and testing it
  • Workshop: Testing Hypotheses
  • Working towards outcomes - using research techniques at speed
  • Workshop: Prioritising requests as a self organising team - refactoring the backlog
  • Developing Proto Personas
  • Workshop: Rapid Proto-Persona Generation
  • Discussion: How will you change your working practices
  • Sprint: Getting a MVP UX proposal out the door

Improving UX in Agile Teams

  • Collaborative Design for Cross functional teams
  • Rethinking style guides
  • Low-Fi Prototyping
  • Mid Fidelity Guide
  • Coded Solutions
  • Sprint: Implementing a style Guide

Planning Features using Lean UX

  • Thinking about and decomposing User Journeys
  • Refining hypothesis and aligning to persons and features
  • Ensuring your backlog tracks dependencies
  • Workshop: Feature Brainstorm
  • Sprint: Iterating and adding value

Getting feedback and developing a feedback loop

  • Continuous Discovery - how we Improve the UX in rapid development
  • Workshop: Building an activity calendar, refining the backlog
  • Defining a testable UX solution
  • Testing WIP and MVP's - detecting patterns
  • Other sources of input for understanding user satisfaction
  • Workshop: Adding tested to our 'definition of done'
  • Sprint: A Testable MVP

This course is for UX practitioners looking to understand the Agile and Lean processes and apply it to their working practices. You are required to have an understanding of UX equivalent to QAUX to attend this course.