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Apps may be developed for each specific mobile platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Xamarin now allows software code to be shared across different platforms.

At a glance

An installed mobile app ensures optimal performance and usability for your company’s own web-site, on any smartphone or tablet.  "Native apps" are developed using skills specific to the mobile platform: 

Java – for Android and Blackberry

C# – for Windows Phone

Objective C – for Apple iOS

Each mobile OS comes with its own technological challenges, requiring platform-specific development skills.

Xamarin is changing the landscape for native apps.  Xamarin allows developers to write native iOS, Android and Windows apps in C#, with either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio. Xamarin apps use the native User Interface on every platform, while developers re-use their existing C# code, and share significant code across device platforms.

HTML apps:  On Windows 8 (and other mobile platforms through frameworks such as PhoneGap), developers can use HTML5 and JavaScript web development skills, to create applications relatively quickly, without having to maintain multiple code bases.  Compared to native apps, execution can be slower but it may be judged a worthwhile trade off to gain the ease and speed of development.

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