About this Course

Purposeful Teams™ is a quick and powerful intervention that awakens effective team performance, for organisations wishing to achieve strategic goals through the use of teams.

Unlike other team development programmes, the Purposeful Teams™ intervention places the team within the organisational context, leveraging organisational mandates into team purpose and creating the space for the team to contextualise its reason for existence. Team members engage at the levels of the organisation, the team and the individual in order to make sense of the task and the relationship issues inherent in teamwork and to translate the team's purpose into excellent execution.

Target Audience

Members of organisations wishing to achieve strategic goals through the use of teams will benefit from attending Purposeful Teams.

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Course Information

Through the Purposeful Teams™ intervention process, teams are able to establish and internalise the reasons for their creation. Individual members and the team as a whole are awakened to the significance of their roles, resulting in activation around purpose and the unearthing of key commitments required for high performance. The intervention consists of a two-day workshop followed by two half-day review processes, all of which are facilitated by a member of the global network of Level 1 WorldsView™ Academy Facilitators.

The Purposeful Teams™ intervention fuses organisational development and traditional training in a workshop format. It delivers team effectiveness by supporting the team in anchoring their purpose, identifying milestones as well as integrating task, relationship and process into a conversation-based delivery format to create strong, committed teams and team members. The Purposeful Teams™ intervention examines the team's context, mandate, milestones and members in the realms of Head (knowing), Heart (being) and Hands (doing).

It brings participants together repeatedly, to explore and cover all aspects of the team's purpose from the organisational perspective, the team perspective and the individual perspective.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Embrace alignment to purpose as a driver of performance.
  • Renew focus on important organisational objectives and achieve clarity of purpose.
  • Identify and work towards key milestones to achieve your purpose.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and create action plans to accelerate your effectiveness.
  • Form individual and team commitments and put them into action.