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Course type Premium
Course code TPAGL
Duration 2 Days

Agility is key to 21st century success. Pace, change and complexity will continue to increase over the next decade and beyond. An effective leader needs to handle these challenges as business as usual. The ability to develop as an agile leader equipped to anticipate and respond to the unknown and unimagined challenges and opportunities of a business or department, is the first step to leading an agile team who are confident and capable to deal with and manage an increasingly fast paced and complex environment.

Delegates who attend this highly participative and self-reflecting learning journey will develop and increase their skills and confidence as agile leaders, able to create agile teams and environments equipped to respond to challenging, unprecedented and unknown situations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this 2 day Programme delegates will have:

• Assessed self against the behaviours and competencies of an agile leader and planned what and how you will develop these skills
• Defined own leadership style and innate agile qualities and further developed these
• Increased own confidence and agile mindset
• Gained the skills to communicate effectively during challenging and crucial situations
• Planned how to create an agile team culture
• Appreciated the role of a leader to support and develop agile ability of others
• Anticipated challenges and opportunities to use agile leadership

What will the course cover?

• Understand the need of agile leadership in the 21st century market place
• Define agile leadership in terms of pace, behaviours, mindset and responsivity
• Assess self against agile leadership competencies and mapped development opportunities
• Understand innate agile qualities and strengths
• Identify situations where a lack of agility is having a negative or adverse impact on results and achievements
• Define own leadership style
• Appreciate the range of agile leadership styles
• Be able to read and anticipate challenging situations and adapt leadership style accordingly
• Increase self-confidence and develop an agile mindset
• Embed continuous learning habits to maintain an agile mindset
• Gain techniques to personally cope in challenging situations and be able to tap into agile strengths
• Prepare self for situations before taking others with you
• Understand the role of a leader in supporting and developing others to be agile
• Assess own team/departmental culture and plan how to create an agile culture
• Use emotional intelligence to understand others and build effective relationships
• Understand how individuals in the team cope with change and plan how to support them individually and as a team
• Use a collaboration model to create shared solutions and solve problems
• Identify key and strategic relationships critical to successful agile working and plan how to build these
• Tap into own courage and resilience in order to maintain agility
• Anticipate workplace challenges, and situations requiring an agile approach, practice and plan responses
• Use agile thinking to respond to live challenges

Premium Course

2 Days

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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