Agile training

Agile training

Agile is a product focussed, iterative approach to delivering projects. At QA we can offer a wide range of training and expertise to help you and your organisation become Agile and maximise the benefits, including both technical skills and the new behaviours you will need to successfully implement Agile working practices.

Certified Agile Process Owner

This 2-day course describes process owner responsibilities and introduces Agile principles.

Aglie training from QA
Extreme Programming Developer Workshop

This 2-day course teaches Extreme Programming skills for use in real-world scenarios.

The Agile Journey

We offer Agile training courses suitable for businesses and individuals at every level. Whether you simply wish to improve your understanding of Agile methodologies, or you're looking to maximise your existing Agile tools, QA is here to help.

Considering adopting Agile?
Considering Agile

Information and courses for those who would like to know more about the benefits of Agile.

Moving to Agile?
Moving to Agile

Courses for those looking to ensure a successful transition to Agile practices.

Looking to get the most out of Agile?
Maximising Agile

Information and courses for those looking to maximise their Agile methodologies.

Using specific Agile tools?
Agile Tools

Information and courses for those looking to maximise their Agile tools.

Validate your skills through certification
Agile Certifications

Solidify your Agile skills and demonstrate your proficiency in Agile methods and practices.

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Agile courses by job role

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Agile Learning Solutions – Why buy from QA?


  1. Building on QA’s heritage as the leading provider of Project Management learning solutions in the UK, QA offers training for whatever 'flavour' of Agile an organisation needs including: Scrum, Lean, and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).
  2. QA is the only provider able to provide end-to-end Agile training solutions from Business Analysis and requirements gathering, through to testing, deployment and delivery - including Agile Project Management.
  3. QA offers Agile Practice Learning Consultancy where we engage with an organisation to understand holistic needs and requirements, then our experienced Agile practice consultants design, develop and deliver customised Agile learning solutions.
  4. QA’s Agile certification courses are accredited by a number of bodies including: BCS, APMG and
  5. QA’s experts have also developed over 20 QA Authored courses that bridge the gaps between traditional certificated courses and that are designed to help with practical implementation in a real working environment.
  6. QA is working closely with HM Government departments to deliver the Digital Strategy focussed on Agile delivery.
  7. QA understand that it is not only the technical skills required to successfully implement Agile methods, but the soft skills and cultural change that is needed for high performing, self-managed Agile teams.
  8. QA also offers DevOps training, DevOps Institute certification and consultancy, as a step towards continuous development.
  9. QA provide training for every role and every step in the agile journey from: Considering Agile, Moving to Agile, Maximising Agile and using Agile Tools like Jira.
  10. QA work with leading organisations including, BT, BA, Barclays, DWP, and many others.

Agile blogs


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PRINCE2 Agile™

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PRINCE2 Agile™

PRINCE2 Agile - Right product, right time, right now

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PRINCE2 Agile™

An Agile way of working with PRINCE2

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Agile Practice Learning Consultancy

Our Agile learning consultancy develops bespoke solutions to meet specific learning requirements. Our solutions are designed to complement our core training, helping you to implement world-class Agile practices.






Our Agile Consultant meets with you. We talk to your stakeholders and staff to understand your environment and discuss your needs and aims. The outcome will be a report outlining a proposed Agile Learning strategy.



For example a series of Agile seminars for your management team to help them begin the process of building on their Agile culture. Then a series of Agile awareness training for the practitioners and finally, more specific training targeted at particular roles.



QA’s Agile coach will spend time

With your Agile teams(s) for a couple of days. Ideally, these visits will coincide with specific agile events: Sprint Reviews and Sprint Planning meetings etc.


Trusted, awarded and accredited

Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning

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