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One of the most compelling benefits of using information technology is the sheer wealth of information that's available at the touch of a button - information that can help steer a business with greater accuracy.

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In virtually all business information systems, "Database Management System" DBMS software takes care of the definition, storage, organisation and back-up of static and dynamic business data, under the skilled operational guidance of the Database Administrator (DBA).  QA provides training in all the major DBMS products, including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB and MySQL, as well as skills training relational database design and the ANSI-standard SQL Language.

However, a huge amount of business information remains locked away - as unused transactional data, left behind from the day-to-day business.  Powerful business intelligence (BI) tools from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others, and 'big data' tools, such as Apache Hadoop, can turn often-overlooked transactional data into a key business asset – helping organisations to make better, faster, more informed decisions. 

By offering a range of training in development and analytical skills, we help organisations to embrace and exploit data warehousing, data cleansing, data profiling, data stewardship and data modelling.  

QA’s Databases, Big Data and Business Intelligence portfolio covers industry best practice skills as well as a broad range of database technologies and tools, offering IT professionals the best training possible to progress in this business-critical area.

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