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In this course, equivalent to 5 days of training, you learn about the advanced VMware Workspace ONE® use cases and integrations. The course also addresses the industry standard authentication protocol and technologies that can be integrated with Workspace ONE. Through a combination of hands-on labs, simulations, and interactive lectures, you identify and configure various authentication methods and scenarios, integrations with third-party solutions and identity providers, advanced Workspace ONE component configurations, and both VMware Carbon Black and VMware Horizon ® configurations. Also, the principles of advanced identity, endpoint security, and access management are addressed throughout the course.

You will leave the training empowered with the professional-level skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement the advanced Workspace ONE integrations to bring your Digital Workspace implementation to the next level.

This course is also available in an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) format. For more information, select this link: VMware Workspace ONE: Advanced Integration [V20.x].

Product Alignment

  • VMware Workspace ONE® 20.x
  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM 20.x
  • VMware Workspace ONE Access® 20.x
  • VMware Horizon 7.x
  • VMware Unified Access Gateway™ 3.x

Intended Audience:

Workspace ONE administrators, experienced mobility and identity administrators, account managers, solutions architects, solutions engineers, sales engineers, Workspace ONE technical support personnel, and consultants

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This course requires completion of one of the following set of courses:

  • Workspace ONE: Deploy and Manage


  • VMware Workspace ONE: Skills for Unified Endpoint Management and VMware Workspace ONE: Integrating the Digital Workspace
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By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Outline and describe the authentication methods supported by VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ (formerly known as VMware Identity Manager™)
  • Summarize how to use Kerberos and SAML authentication protocols in Workspace ONE
  • Explain application single sign-on (SSO)
  • Outline Office 365 and Azure AD integration with Workspace ONE
  • Summarize Okta integration and Workspace ONE Access as an IdP
  • Outline the benefits of AD FS and PING integration
  • Explain the purpose of identity bridging and IdP chaining
  • Compare and contrast traditional versus modern PC Lifecycle Management
  • Integrate VMware Horizon with Workspace ONE Access
  • Describe the benefits of implementing VMware Workspace Security™
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1 Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

2 Authentication Method Deep Dive

  • Outline the authentication methods supported by Workspace ONE
  • Describe the workflow of:
    • Password Authentication
    • SAML Authentication
    • OAuth2.0 Authentication
    • OpenID Connect Authentication
    • WS-Fed Authentication
    • Certificate Authentication
    • Kerberos Authentication
    • Multifactor Authentication

3 Mobile Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Describe the benefits of using Mobile SSO
  • Outline the workflow of iOS and Android Mobile SSO
  • Configure Mobile SSO for iOS native applications
  • Configure Mobile SSO for Android native applications

4 Single Sign-On for Applications

  • Summarize the application SSO workflows
  • Configure web application SSO with SAML protocol
  • Configure web application SSO with OpenID Connect protocol

5 Azure AD and Office 365 Integration

  • Describe the benefits of configuring Azure AD and Office 365 SSO with Workspace ONE
  • Outline the use cases of integrating Azure AD with Workspace ONE
  • Outline the steps of configuring Office 365 SSO with Workspace ONE Access
  • Outline the steps of integrating Azure AD with Workspace ONE UEM
  • Outline the steps of configuring and managing VMware Horizon® Cloud ServiceTM on Microsoft Azure

6 Integration with Okta

  • Describe the benefits of integrating Okta with Workspace ONE
  • Summarize the Okta Integration options when Okta is configured as the identity provider and service provider
  • Outline the workflow of Okta integration for various use cases
  • Outline the steps of configuring Okta integration for various use cases
  • Complete various Okta integration settings in the Workspace ONE console and Okta console

7 Additional 3rd Party IdP Integration

  • Summarize the benefits of integrating with AD FS and PING as 3rd party identity providers
  • Outline the steps of integrating with AD FS and PING
  • Configure a 3rd party identity provider in the Workspace ONE Access console
  • Configure authentication methods for the integrated 3rd party identity providers
  • Modify access policies to accommodate the integrated 3rd party identity providers

8 Advanced Configurations

  • Identify advanced Workspace ONE use cases
  • Describe the workflow of UAG identity bridging
  • Outline the steps of incorporating IP restrictions into Conditional Access
  • Describe the workflow of identity provider chaining

9 Workspace ONE AirLift

  • Outline the difference between traditional PCLM with Modern PCLM
  • Describe the co-management phases in a modern PCLM transformation
  • Summarize the benefits of using VMware Workspace ONE® AirLift™
  • Outline the steps of Workspace ONE AirLift deployment and first-time configuration
  • Map a collection from SCCM to a smart group in Workspace ONE UEM
  • Export supported Win32 applications from SCCM to Workspace ONE UEM
  • Use the activity log and dashboard to troubleshoot basic issues

10 VMware Horizon

  • Recognize the features and benefits of VMware Horizon
  • Describe the conceptual and logical architecture of VMware Horizon
  • Define a use case for your virtual desktop and application infrastructure
  • Convert customer requirements to use-case attributes

11 Workspace ONE Intelligence Advanced

  • Outline the VMware Workspace ONE® Trust Network partners
  • Describe the benefits of integrating with Workspace ONE Trust Network partners
  • Outline common and complex Workspace ONE Intelligence use cases
  • Create various dashboards in Workspace ONE Intelligence to monitor the entire device lifecycle
  • Integrate VMware Workspace ONE® Intelligence™ with Workspace ONE Trust Network solution providers

12 Integrating with VMware Carbon Black

  • Outline the main features of VMware Carbon Black
  • Describe the benefits of using VMware Carbon Black
  • Navigate the VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ console
  • Outline the features of VMware Carbon Black Defense
  • Outline the features of VMware Carbon Black LiveOps
  • Deploy sensors to endpoints
  • View and manage alerts in the VMware Carbon Black console
  • Integrate VMware Carbon Black with Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • Use VMware Carbon Black data for analysis and automation
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