This course offers a structured approach to identifying learning needs to ensure the most appropriate intervention is designed.

Accurately discerning learning and the business needs enables solutions to address performance gaps between what a target group currently knows or does and what the organisation requires it to know or do.

What's included in the course

  • Five online self-study modules
  • Self-paced activities: reading, podcast videos, e-information modules, practice activities, self-check quiz and project work

What the delegates will learn

  • Understanding the learning needs analysis process
  • Clarifying a sponsor's request
  • Forecast business benefits
  • Gathering information about the performance gap
  • Determining the content
  • Selecting delivery methods and analysing resources
  • Costing learning and making recommendations

Next steps

  • L&D Consultancy Skills
  • Managing Learning Transfer
  • Learning Evaluation

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Delegates plan the analysis of their own learning event to meet the criteria of the Analysis Profile, using the templates provided.

Module 1: Scoping and Planning for Evaluation
In this session, we consider:

  • What is learning needs analysis
  • The analysis process
  • Scoping your project
  • The benefits of scoping
  • Scoping questions
  • Planning for evaluation
  • The Kirkpatrick model
  • Four stages of defining business benefits
  • Planning measurable business benefits

Module 2: Information Gathering Techniques
In this session, we consider:

  • Information gathering techniques
  • Information gathering tools

Module 3: Analysing content
In this session, we consider:

  • Why is it important
  • Analysing the content
  • The content analysis process
  • Task matrix to define learners’ competencies

Module 4: Aims & Outcomes, Delivery Options and Analyse the Environment
In this session, we consider:

  • Differences between aims, outcomes and objectives
  • Writing aims and outcomes
  • Types of delivery options and their benefits
  • Estimating delivery times
  • Types of environments
  • Analysing the environments

Module 5: Estimating Time and Costs, Making Recommendations
In this session, we consider:

  • Estimating design time
  • Estimating project costs
  • Requirements for estimating costs
  • Winning support for recommendations
  • Learning needs analysis report formats

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