The Cyber Talent Profiling (CTP) is a trait based screening diagnostics tool that matches personal attributes with optimal outcomes for productivity in different cyber security careers. The successful behaviours of cyber security roles were mapped based on task-related aspects of job roles. It is understood that job environments can be affected by various social environments at a group or team level, however our goal is to map ‘ideal’ profiles and explore the desired relationship between personality traits and successful work behaviours. The aim of the CTP is to identify ‘latent cyber security talent’ and increase self – awareness of individuals, who would like to choose a career within the industry.

The CTP was mapped to The CyberFish Company’s Responsible Digital Behaviours Framework, the NCSC Cyber Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) and the IISP skills Framework.

The CyberFish Responsible Digital Behaviours Framework© details the critical skills and competencies needed by employees across the organization to be more resilient to digital attacks and deal with mission critical situations in an effective way.

By completing the assessment you will be able to:

  • Understand your behavioural preferences that represent matches with cyber security career profiles
  • Understand which types of profiles you would tend to enjoy working in (such as people focused, technical focused or commercially focused)

An individual/narrative report is generated for each employee where the specific career matches are highlighted with bespoke mapping from a cyber security careers perspective.


The CTP takes 30 minutes to complete excluding the instructions and instruction trial questions. The test consists of 150 questions and is available in international, non-idiomatic English. Reports are anonymised and ID based. To fill out a test administrative details of participants need to be shared. Reports are generated automatically and transferred in an encrypted format to the participant or to their team leaders. 

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