Security Awareness Training certified by the NCSC and CIISec

This is a short, focused security awareness training course. It’s designed to provide people with all the tools and information they need. The course empowers people to protect themselves, their organisations and their families online. The course has been developed to the highest accreditation standards; standards maintained by NCSC Certified Training and the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec). Both provide a benchmark for the quality and delivery of cyber security training. CybSafe is certified through this process every year. Additionally, all content and features go through extensive scientific testing by in-house psychologists. Upon completion, your people can earn their very own Certification of Security Awareness. Completion of the certified course will prove compliance with the GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the NIS Directive.

Cyber Security Behaviour Risk Management from CybSafe Behaviour-IQ & CybSafe Nudge-IQ

There are many challenges in measuring and reducing the risk associated with security behaviours. Behaviour-IQ helps overcome them, so that human cyber risk can be better managed. Behaviour-IQ combines multiple data sources to measure security behaviour risks. It looks at CybSafe platform data. It looks at data from sources like SIEMs, email gateways, firewalls and password managers. It ingests the data via API. It also makes use of security behaviour data provided in CSV uploads.

Behaviour-IQ leverages information from the world’s most comprehensive security behaviour database - SebDB. This means you can see people’s security behaviours. And you see the extent to which behaviours occur, resulting risks and risk-reduction opportunities. We obsess about data. We use it to help you make better decisions about human cyber risk.

Intelligent Phishing & Social Engineering Simulations from CybSafe Sim-IQ

Sim-IQ helps reduce phishing risks. It does so using intelligent attack simulations and interactive content. This unique approach helps improve how people respond to phishing. The tool uses phishing emails that have been mapped against a set of emotional drivers. This reveals not just who has clicked, but also why a person clicked.

CybSafe also includes some other intelligent behaviour interventions. They’re designed to drive lasting, positive changes in behaviour. Things like passphrases, incident reporting and USB behaviour, for example. Plus measurements in security engagement, Wi-Fi use, social engineering, browsing habits and more. We are always testing and adding intelligent security behaviour interventions to the platform.

Dynamic User Advice, Support & Assistance Tools from CybSafe Assist, CybSafe Protect & CybSafe Newsfeed

Training in isolation rarely leads to behaviour change. Assist and Protect bridge the gap between security awareness training and cyber security policies. They provide advice on what to do in different security situations. Assist provides just-in-time help, cyber advice and guidance. Protect gives people a security behaviours and a habits checklist. Combined, your people have an on demand set of resources. To help them set goals. And help them practice the behaviours that will keep them, and your organisation, safe. They’re also accessible through our mobile app for iOS and Android, CybSafe Connect. These support and assistance tools are used more than once a week by a majority of CybSafe users.

Cyber Security Culture Assessment & Sentiment Analysis from CybSafe Culture-IQ & CybSafe Sentiment-IQ

Security culture is the invisible glue that links all your security awareness activities. It’s the thing that makes secure behaviours possible in your team. Culture-IQ and Sentiment-IQ helps measure security culture. They show what can be done to make it better. A cyber security culture assessment helps predict where risky behaviour will occur. And anonymous sentiment data help illuminate the causes. Culture-IQ is a great way to baseline your security culture. That way you can plan your security awareness programme around improving specific areas.

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Awareness Hub

From NCSC-certified awareness training to on-demand cyber security advice - a ready-made package to improve security awareness in your organisation.

Certified Security Awareness Training & Education NCSC and CIISec accredited Security Awareness Training designed to educate and influence behaviours.

  • Assist: An intelligent application feature that gives people access to the cyber security help they need, when they need it.
  • Newsfeed: Personalised cyber security news and updates through a dedicated newsfeed.
  • Awareness Toolkit: A library of resources that help supercharge your awareness programme.
  • Connect: A mobile application that provides cyber security advice and support whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Metr-IQ: Metrics, data, insights and reports for your security awareness, behaviour and culture programme.

Behaviour Change Hub

From intelligent phishing simulations to behavioural risk analysis - all you need to effectively change cyber security behaviour.

  • Sim-IQ: Intelligent social engineering (including phishing) simulations and susceptibility insights.
  • Behaviour-IQ: Advanced security behaviour risk management and reporting suite.
  • Protect: A digitised ‘smart list’ that leverages personalised behavioural nudges and develops positive security habits.
  • Nudge-IQ: Automated, personalised behavioural nudges for everyone.
  • Connect: A mobile application that provides cyber security advice and support whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Metr-IQ: Metrics, data, insights and reports for your security awareness, behaviour and culture programme.

Culture Hub

From security culture assessments to sentiment & attitude analysis - your one-stop-shop for creating and influencing a people-centric security culture.

  • Culture-IQ: A people-centric security culture assessment plus insights and recommendations.
  • Sentiment-IQ: An anonymised cyber security sentiment and attitude analysis engine.
  • Branded Platform: Add your company logo to your CybSafe account to customise the platform UX.
  • Connect: A mobile application that provides cyber security advice and support whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Metr-IQ: Metrics, data, insights and reports for your security awareness, behaviour and culture programme.
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“The content’s in small chunks that are manageable. You can make the training relevant to each and every user and we’ve seen that have a big impact on engagement.” - Brett Walmsley Chief Information Security Officer, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

“CybSafe has provided exactly what we need to manage our human risk, and has given us the space to develop other areas of our cyber security strategy.” - Richard Masek Head of Information Security, Canary Wharf Group

“CybSafe helps us to maintain engagement and vigilance across user security behaviours.” - Suthida Janthawong Learning & Development Manager, Perspectum Diagnostics

“CybSafe has allowed us to see and understand various aspects of our human cyber risk profile that we simply wouldn’t get from just training and phishing. We can clearly identify any changes in security behaviour and respond accordingly.” - Steven Pendleton Chief Information Security Officer, BMT Global

“CybSafe is just another level. It provides us with really robust metrics that help us measure where our people are. Their behaviours as well as their attitudes.” - Caroline Bansraj Global Head of Cyber Security Education & Awareness, Credit Suisse

“Having the data and metrics available has enabled us to confidently make informed decisions...” - Alexandre Pieyre Group Information Security Leader, IQEQ

“...easy to use, convenient, and provides great data to ensure that everyone within the organisation is doing their bit as far as possible.” - Andrew Gardner Finance Director, Brookhouse Group

“We’ve been able to measure that nearly 40% of our users have adopted more secure behaviours through using CybSafe - it’s been a real eye-opener for us!” - Simon White Global Head of Cloud Operations, Karhoo

“We’ve had a huge number of very useful suggestions and ideas from our people that we’re now implementing on the ground. CybSafe has really helped us to open those channels of communication.” - Andy Gammon IT Director, Genius Sports

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Frequently asked questions

How can I create an account on myQA.com?

There are a number of ways to create an account. If you are a self-funder, simply select the "Create account" option on the login page.

If you have been booked onto a course by your company, you will receive a confirmation email. From this email, select "Sign into myQA" and you will be taken to the "Create account" page. Complete all of the details and select "Create account".

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How do QA’s virtual classroom courses work?

Our virtual classroom courses allow you to access award-winning classroom training, without leaving your home or office. Our learning professionals are specially trained on how to interact with remote attendees and our remote labs ensure all participants can take part in hands-on exercises wherever they are.

We use the WebEx video conferencing platform by Cisco. Before you book, check that you meet the WebEx system requirements and run a test meeting (more details in the link below) to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings. If it doesn’t work, try adjusting your settings or contact your IT department about permitting the website.

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How do QA’s online courses work?

QA online courses, also commonly known as distance learning courses or elearning courses, take the form of interactive software designed for individual learning, but you will also have access to full support from our subject-matter experts for the duration of your course. When you book a QA online learning course you will receive immediate access to it through our e-learning platform and you can start to learn straight away, from any compatible device. Access to the online learning platform is valid for one year from the booking date.

All courses are built around case studies and presented in an engaging format, which includes storytelling elements, video, audio and humour. Every case study is supported by sample documents and a collection of Knowledge Nuggets that provide more in-depth detail on the wider processes.

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When will I receive my joining instructions?

Joining instructions for QA courses are sent two weeks prior to the course start date, or immediately if the booking is confirmed within this timeframe. For course bookings made via QA but delivered by a third-party supplier, joining instructions are sent to attendees prior to the training course, but timescales vary depending on each supplier’s terms. Read more FAQs.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates of Achievement are issued at the end the course, either as a hard copy or via email. Read more here.

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