This is the one day Practical Online lab assessment for the Art of Hacking course.

Designed to teach and build real-world skills, the Art of Hacking also features an optional certification component. The class prepares candidates to enhance their credentials to achieve Certification. However, certification is not simply a multi-choice exam at the end of the class…

  • The Art of Hacking certification is provided by NotSoSecure and is designed to assess candidate’s applied, hands-on skills against over 60 competency-based learning objectives
  • Certification can only be achieved by completing the Art of Hacking “Capture The Flag” (CTF) An examination following completion of your Art of Hacking class; be it face-to-face, live-feed training or through e-learning
  • Certification is awarded against demonstrated skill level; if you pass you achieve Art of Hacking “Ninja” or Art of Hacking Master

Why create the Art of Hacking Certification?

  • Simple – there is a clear market demand for hands-on, skill-based hacking certification that has an independent certification body behind it.

How do I prepare for the Certification?

  • The best way to prepare is to purchase the Art of Hacking bundle which includes the complete course and Certification in one bundle.

What is the format for the Certification?

  • The format is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) exam designed to be representative of real-world challenges. Your exam session is booked ahead of time giving you time to prepare – when ready, we issue you with the keys to our unique exam hack-lab and from there you take over. It is open book and real-world; you have to use your hands-on skills to hunt for the various treasure we have created and submit your findings into the examination scoring portal. If you get stuck, you may opt for hints, however - this will also deduct from your available points.

How are my Certification answers scored?

  • Those are graded for completion and accuracy and at the end of the exercises a certification will be awarded as follows:

    1. Art of Hacking Ninja: score of 60 -79
    2. Art of Hacking Master: score of 80+

How much is the Certification?

  • The Art of Hacking exam costs £350, only available via QA.

What do I get at the end of the Certification process?

  • You will know instantly whether you have passed and whether you are Ninja or Master in the Art of Hacking. Once your score and performance is verified, you will be sent an impressive Art of Hacking Certificate stating your new credentials.

How long is the Certification valid?

  • Certifications are valid for 3 years from issuance date. The re-certification and on-going knowledge maintenance programme will be announced in due course.

Is the Certification easy?

  • That’s up to you! The Art of Hacking Certification is all about you showing that you have developed real-world, hands-on skill. The challenges are based on the material you will have learned but it’s up to you to prepare and demonstrate you have understood each component. You can tackle many of the challenges in the order that you see fit.

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