This workshop has been designed to provide students with a highly practical and empirical learning experience based upon a series of simple Katas.

Students will work in pairs to carry out a series of simple, repetitive steps in order to master the practice of Test Driven Development


Students are presumed to be familiar with the fundamentals of Unit Testing. i.e. they are able to write simple unit tests. They may have perhaps attended the Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2015 course - QAUTVS15, Test Driven Development in a Java Environment - QATDDJAVA or similar.

Students are expected to have basic coding skills. This is not a programming course and advanced coding skills are not required. However, the fundamentals of programming are required. E.g. Classes, methods, parameters, types, iterative and logic statements, string and exception handling.

Students should be familiar with a variety of languages. The workshop can be delivered using languages including C#, VB.net, Java, Javascript.

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals of Test Driven Development
  • TDD steps
  • TDD rules
  • The value of Katas
  • Setting up your projects
  • Test #1
  • Test #2
  • Test #3
  • Test #4
  • Test #5
  • Test #6
  • Test #7

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