A reality currently gaining momentum in the world of cloud computing (hence its significance at the recent VMworld as a chief strategy moving forward for VMware), is multi-cloud.

Multi-Cloud is simply using more than one cloud service to deploy your services and has become the norm for more and more businesses. Companies want to use what is best for their business (and that maybe, AWS for web, Microsoft for business apps, or Google for AI) but still want to retain the on-premises systems they have, so not to waste products and skills they have already invested in.

VMware has been working towards making multi-cloud a usable and beneficial proposition for companies, rather than an inconvenient headache and was one of the first to recognise that IT estates are complicated. Hence VMware solutions are designed to help manage workloads on Google, AWS, Microsoft and more. VMware Cloud Foundation, Tanzu, CloudHealth, and many more products, enable companies to use product and services that are best for that particular company.

Whilst there are many benefits to using multiple cloud services (as the webinar will uncover) VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger sternly warns that businesses should ensure a 'multi-cloud strategy does not turn into a multi-silo story'.

Join Bryan O'Connor (QA’s Principal Learning Technical Specialist for VMware) and Martin Hosken (Chief Technologist for Cloud Services at VMware) to learn:

  • about multi-cloud
  • what a multi-cloud strategy means for your business
  • what skills your employees will need to successfully navigate through the multi-cloud era
  • why multi-cloud can give you a competitive edge that will allow your IT systems to grow with your business.

Date: Monday 7 December 2020

Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Cost: FREE

About the Presenter

Bryan O'Connor | Principal Learning Technical Specialist for VMware

Bryan O’Connor is a Principal Learning Specialist and looks after QA's VMware, CompTIA and Cloud Credential Council curriculums. He delivers a wide range of courses and holds over 50 CompTIA, Microsoft, VMware and other technical certifications himself.

Bryan has worked in the IT industry since 1986 when he was a hardware engineer on Commodore Pets, then moved into networking, and later specialised in virtualisation and cloud technologies. In 1997 he started working for QA training as a Microsoft and VMware trainer.

Bryan has taught VMware Products since 1997, became a VMware vExpert in 2012 and has worked with VMware in developing their range of vSphere courses. He speaks at various technical events and owns and runs his own VMware blog at www.bryanoconnor21.co.uk.

Starting with DOS, Bryan has worked with Microsoft technologies since 1986 and taught it since 1999. He runs his own YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/bryanqa, which hosts hundreds of Microsoft demo videos.

Bryan has been a member of the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) expert panel since its inception, has co-written white papers and has also been a member of the CCC talks sessions.

Outside of QA, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife Tracey and their two daughters Meagan and Jessica, unless there’s a Grand Prix on the TV, when he enjoys paying Tracey, Meagan and Jessica to disappear for the day.

Martin Hosken | Chief Technologist for Cloud Services at VMware

As the Worldwide Chief Technologist for Cloud Services at VMware, Martin works at the evolution of VMware Cloud Services, the intersection where IT Architecture, Solution Architecture and Software Development meet. His primary focus is on cutting edge solutions in today’s complex cloud market and helping customers and partners prepare to make the most of the opportunities presented by emerging technology and software development practices.

Martin is part of the VMware Office of the CTO, Global Field team, a double VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX Number 117) in Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Management and Automation, an established vExpert, and is the author of three books, dozens of papers, blogs and articles based on VMware and other technologies.