The storage area network (SAN) infrastructure facilitates storage consolidation, data sharing, server clustering, LAN-free and server-less backup across heterogeneous host server platforms. This course focuses on the planning and implementation considerations associated with establishing that SAN infrastructure. Functions provided by SAN fabric components, such as Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), Fibre Channel switches and directors, and SCSI to Fibre Channel protocol converters are discussed, and the interdependencies of these components are examined. Mechanisms to implement resource access control for data access integrity among heterogeneous hosts in a storage networking environment are also examined.

This course is for personnel who are assessing and planning to deploy a storage area network.


You should complete:

  • Introduction to Storage Networking (SN70GB)
  • or equivalent knowledge base is a must.

This course assumes that you understand a basic SAN knowledge

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