This two-part, four-day course covers all aspects of installing, configuring, tuning and administering Orion Network Performance Monitor, its Modules and integration with the SolarWinds Engineers Toolset. The practical sessions provide hands-on experience of setting up the core software and modules and integrating their data into the web console. Exercises ensure participants are well versed in the configuration of reporting and alerting functions. Throughout the course delegates are helped to interpret the results Orion produces and encouraged to experiment with different configurations to see how they might affect the results.

Completion of the full four-day course will provide the delegate with all the knowledge required for successful attainment of the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) accreditation.


It is expected that delegates are familiar with basic networking concepts and terminology. Such familiarity can be gained from attendance on the Network Fundamentals course

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand SNMP, its versions and operation including MIBs and OIDs
  • Understand the components of SolarWinds Orion and its licensing model
  • Install Orion NPM, APM, IPAM, NCM, NTA, IPSLA, UDT & SEUM
  • Perform discovery, import data and manage information gathering
  • Manage Accounts and Views
  • Interpret chart data
  • Configure and run reports
  • Configure Alerting
  • Troubleshoot issues and identify resolutions
  • Tune system for optimum performance


Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Installation of Orion NPM
  • SNMP, MIBs, OIDs
  • Network Discovery & Node Management
  • Web Server Configuration, Charts, Network Atlas, Accounts and Views
  • Custom properties, Groups and Dependencies

Day 2

  • Universal Device Pollers, Alerting & Reporting
  • Syslog & Traps
  • Tuning & Maintaining Orion

Day 3

  • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
  • Server & Application Monitor (incl. WMI)
  • IP Address Manager

Day 4

  • Network Configuration Manager
  • VoIP & Network Quality Manager
  • User Device Tracker
  • Web Performance Monitor

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