“A manager's most important work is helping the people doing the work. Give them a goal and let them work. Remove any impediments that get in their way. Do anything that make them more effective and productive.”
Ken Schwaber, Co-founder of SCRUM

Earning the opportunity to be a manager is a career milestone. It marks a big shift from employee to manger-leader and is often part of a promotion. But becoming a manager is a big change. Your success is predicated on your ability to achieve goals working with your team. The good news is this is a learnt skill.

People who attend this half-day session often ask us:

  • I’m a new manager, how can I manage the many demands?
  • What are the skills of an effective manager and how can I develop them?
  • How do I juggle all the management balls?
  • How can I become a respected manager in my organisation?

In this session we will look at the differences between being an employee and being a manager, what it means to be a manager-leader and share with you a useful framework to ensure you balance the required management tasks to achieve goals working with your team.

Target Audience

This half-day session is suitable new or inexperienced managers who want to achieve goals with their teams and advance their managerial skills.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Recognise the key characteristics of an effective manager
  • Explain the similarities and differences in management and leadership skills
  • Understand how to balance your time on management and leadership responsibilities
  • Create an action plan to develop your managerial skills

Workshop Outline

  • Characteristics of effective managers
  • The skills of the manager-leader
  • Action Centered Leadership (ACL)
  • Action plan

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