“The key is not spending time, but investing in it”
Stephen Covey - Author 

Resilience can be thought of as our ability to bounce back, or even grow, in the face of pressures and difficulty. The stronger your personal resilience, the better equipped you are to handle pressure and reduce stress.

Target audience

This ½ day session will look at coping with everyday pressures as well as dealing with both ongoing and short term stressful situations.

Learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Build your resilience
  • Identify the difference between pressure and stress
  • Create awareness to causes of pressure
  • Understand how your thinking can impact your effectiveness
  • Use techniques to minimise stress and cope with pressure effectively
  • Manage self and priorities better

What will the course cover?

  • Stress v pressure and understanding resilience
  • Your current status
  • Are you a positive or negative thinker
  • Action priority matrix
  • Saying no
  • Action plan

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