This challenging one-day training course introduces you to the power of SAP BusinessObjects reporting using Web Intelligence 4.x Web Client. In a series of practical sessions you will create queries, format reports and execute complex data manipulation.

This is a cut-down, fast paced version of the 2 day WebIntelligence Report Design course.

To be successful, delegates should have

  • a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Access and/or
  • a basic understanding of SAP BusinessObjects.
  • Define the role of universes, classes, objects, measures, dimensions and Details.
  • Construct queries using pre-defined and ad-hoc conditions.
  • Format reports.
  • Manipulate data by applying filters, sorts, breaks calculations and ranking.
  • Create cross tabular and financial reports.
  • Generate and modify Charts.
  • Analyse data at different levels of Detail.

Using InfoView

  • Logging into InfoView
  • Organising documents
  • Opening a document
  • Refreshing a document
  • Saving a document
  • Closing a document
  • Scheduling a document
  • Viewing a scheduled document
  • Logging out of InfoView

Querying the Database via the Universe

  • Creating a query
  • Editing a query
  • Applying a pre-defined query filter
  • Creating an ad-hoc query filter
  • Filtering on Dates
  • Prompting for data
  • Using quick filters
  • Filtering on Wildcards
  • Using multiple conditions
  • Workshop - querying the database via the Universe

Selecting the Correct Presentation Style

  • Creating a vertical table
  • Creating a horizontal table
  • Creating a cross tab
  • Editing a cross tab
  • Creating a form
  • Creating a Chart
  • Converting a table into a Chart
  • Creating Multiple blocks
  • Workshop - selecting the correct presentation style

Managing Data Sources

  • Creating multiple queries using the same data source(s)

Formatting Reports

  • Creating a report within an existing document
  • Moving a report within an existing document
  • Editing a block
  • Formatting a table
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Formatting a section
  • Formatting a cell
  • Workshop - formatting reports

Applying Functions & Sections

  • Manipulating breaks
  • Applying calculations
  • Using sorts
  • Applying a ranking
  • Manipulating filters
  • Creating master/detail reports
  • Workshop -applying functions and sections

Creating Variables, Formaulas & Alerters

  • Creating a formula
  • Converting a formula into a variable
  • Editing a variable
  • Deleting a variable
  • Creating an alerter
  • Workshop- creating formulas, variables and alerters

Drilling Through Data

  • Using drill down
  • Using drill Across
  • Using drill by
  • Using drill through
  • Saving a snapshot Analysis
  • Drilling on a Chart
  • Workshop - drilling through data

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