<p> SAP HANA is revolutionary real-time, in-memory platform that combines database, high performance data processing, and application capabilities. It enables users to work on large amounts of data at an impressive speed thereby being usable for real time applications. This introduction course on SAP HANA is designed to make trainee understand the enormous processing capabilities of HANA and equip delegates with an overview of its set up and workings.</p>

<p> To be successful in this training course you should have a basic understanding of SAP, knowledge of SAP BW concepts would be an advantage, basic understanding of IT business.</p> <p> HANA Introduction Training Audience:</p> <p> This training course is ideal for SAP Consultants, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, BI specialist, Data scientist and anybody embarking on a HANA migration who needs a high level view of HANA capabilities and structure.</p>

<p> By the end of the training course delegates will understand the capabilities and structure of a HANA deployment, get started with HANA studio.</p>

<p> During the training course the following topics will be covered:</p> <p> SAP HANA Overview</p> <ul> <li> What is SAP HANA</li> <li> Why we need SAP HANA</li> <li> SAP HANA Implementation Scenarios.</li> <li> SAP HANA Data Provisioning Overview.</li> <li> SAP HANA Studio Overview.</li> <li> SAP HANA Information Models overview.</li> <li> Advantages of using SAP HANA</li> <li> SAP HANA vendors.</li> <li> SAP HANA Hardware Sizing.</li> </ul> <p> SAP HANA Administration Overview</p> <ul> <li> Architectural overview</li> <li> Row Store</li> <li> Column Store</li> <li> Persistency Layer</li> <li> Administration View</li> <li> System Monitor</li> </ul> <p> SAP HANA Engines</p> <ul> <li> Column Store Engine</li> <li> Row Store Engine</li> <li> Join Engine</li> <li> OLAP Engines</li> <li> Calculation Engine</li> </ul> <p> Tables in HANA</p> <ul> <li> Column Store Table</li> <li> Row Store Table</li> <li> Table Type</li> </ul>

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