DATA Provisioning is a process of creating, preparing, and enabling a network to provide data to its user. Data needs to be loaded to SAP HANA before data reaches to the user via a front-end tool.

This 4 day course will take the delegate through the different methods of data provisioning for SAP HANA.

In this course, you’ll learn about each of your options, from SAP HANA-based tools to SAP Data Services and SAP LT Replication Server. Whether you’ll be provisioning data in batches or in real-time, you’ll understand when to use each tool, its requirements, and how it works.

Must attend 1 day HANA Introduction course, Experience in Data Acquisition (recommended)

HANA Data Provisioning Training Audience:

This training course is ideal for Data Consultants, Database Administrators, Developers, Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Technology Consultant, BW consultants, HANA Consultants and anybody who want to know how to implement data provisioning and data transformation for their SAP HANA project, and for those who want to make a career in SAP HANA.

By the end of the training course delegates will understand and will be able to identify most effective Data Provisioning tools for your HANA project.

During the training course the following topics will be covered:

  • DATA Provisioning to HANA
  • SAP Landscape Transformation
  • Data Services
  • Direct Extractor Connection
  • Flat File
  • Smart Data Access

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