SAP BI/BW provides a platform for an enterprise from which we can evaluate and interpret information. In this course, delegates will learn how to consolidate, combine and transform information from other SAP applications and external sources and create dynamic reporting solution.

  • Knowledge of Database and Data Warehousing concepts.
  • Basic programming knowledge would be an advantage.

SAP BW Faststrack Training Audience:

This training course is ideal for BI and data warehousing professionals, SAP Consultants, Project managers, BO professionals, Business Analyst and anyone aspiring to a career in SAP BW.

By the end of the training course delegates will learn procedures within modelling of SAP BW, how to extract data from different sources, how to apply complex rules to generate required output.

Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction to SAP
  • History of SAP
  • R3 Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture

Introduction to Data warehouse & SAP BW

  • Definition & Concept - Introduction
  • OLTP systems & OLAP systems introduction
  • Star schema
  • Extended star schema
  • Transactional Data
  • Master Data
  • Attribute
  • Text
  • Hierarchies

BW Architecture

  • Data flow in SAP BW
  • ETL

SAP BW Modelling:

  • Creating Info Objects
  • Using Master Data and Masters Data – Bearing Characteristics
  • Creating Info Providers
  • Info Provider Types
  • Creating Info Cube
  • Creating Data store Objects & Types
  • Creating Virtual Provider
  • Creating Infoset
  • Creating Multiprovider
  • Hybrid Providers
  • Semantically Partitioned Object
  • Loading changes to DSO
  • Transformation Rules
  • Error Handling
  • BI Content

Distributing Data to Other Systems:

  • Open Hub Destinations
  • Remodeling Info providers

Data Extraction:

  • Source System Types
  • Functions of Data Sources
  • Data Sources Maintenance in BW
  • Data Extraction from flat file
  • Data Extraction from SAP
  • Generic Extraction
  • Delta Process in Generic
  • LO(SD/MM/QM/PM/PP) Data Sources
  • Standard Extraction

Schedulling & Monitoring

  • Introduction to Process Chain
  • Creating Process Chains
  • Scheduling Process Chain
  • Monitoring process chains
  • Removing from schedule and rescheduling the process chains

Performance Optimization

  • Indexing
  • Aggregates
  • Partitioning
  • Re-partitioning
  • Line item dimension
  • High cardinality

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