A comprehensive exposure to some of the advanced features and functions of the language for experienced RPG IV programmers. Power-programming for the discerning!


Before attending this course, the student should be able to:

  • Code subfile-processing programs in RPG IV
  • Employ error-handling features of the RPG IV language.
  • Describe the basic concepts of ILE and modular program design.
  • Use free-format coding techniques
  • Write date-processing routines which employ built-in functions

These skills can be developed by attending the following courses:
  • AS06 - iSeries RPG IV Programming - Fundamentals
  • AS07 - iSeries RPG IV Programming - Intermediate

Alternatively, experienced RPG/400 programmers should have attended the course:
  • OE85 - Moving to the RPG IV Programming Language

Delegates will learn how to

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Use address pointers and user spaces in RPG IV programs
  • Write database triggers in RPG IV
  • Develop ILE modular objects and package them in service programs
  • Explain the purpose of ILE Activation Groups
  • Explain the behavior of Error Handling and Percolation in ILE
  • Code an ILE Error Handling program
  • Call iSeries APIs from RPG IV programs
  • Describe how to use CGI in RPG IV for web applications


The course includes the following Topics:

  • Basic API Programming
  • RPG IV Features
  • Leveraging DB2 UDB Database Features
  • Advanced ILE Topics
  • ILE Error Handling and Condition Handlers
  • ILE CEE API Programming
  • Basic Web Enablement
  • Other RPG IV Compiler Features