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The Financials Accounting Hub is a tool designed for non-Oracle Subledgers (Third Party) to leverage Oracle's Subledger Accounting engine and ultimately transfer the Journals to an Oracle General Ledger.

The Financials Accounting Hub uses accounting events to generate journals. Accounting Events have financial impact. Using this tool implementers determine how the events should be accounted.


  • Sales Consultants
  • Functional Implementer

Delegates will learn how to

  • How to use Financials Accounting Hub to create accounting and identify the steps required to transfer entries to General Ledger
  • Explain the setups required to use Financials Accounting Hub to generate journal entries
  • Explain how you can generate accounting and journal entries for the transactions using the Financials Accounting Hub


Overview of Financials Accounting Hub

  • Understanding Financials Accounting Hub
  • Creating Subledger Journal Entries from Accounting Events
  • Identifying Accounting Events
  • Explaining Transaction Objects Overview
  • Understanding Flexible Application Accounting
  • Describing Multiple Representations and Scalability
  • Explaining Primary and Secondary Ledgers
  • Describing Financials Accounting Hub Flow

Defining, Building and Integrating a Third Party Application

  • Defining, Building and Integrating
  • Planning the Expected Journal Entries
  • Defining Transaction Tables for the External Payables System
  • Defining Transaction View for the External Payables System
  • Registering the Application
  • Defining a Custom SLA Responsibility
  • Defining Journal Source and Categories
  • Defining the Subledger Accounting Application

Using Accounting Methods Builder (AMB)

  • Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Overview
  • Oracle-Owned versus User-Owned Accounting Methods Builder Components
  • Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Flow
  • Defining Entities for the External Payables System Transactions
  • Defining Event Classes and Event Types
  • Defining a Process Category
  • Defining Accounting Event Class Options
  • Creating, Assigning, and Validating Sources

Creating Journal Entries

  • Creating Journal Entries
  • Populating Transaction tables
  • Creating Accounting Events
  • Create Accounting Program Overview
  • Running the Create Accounting Program
  • Create Accounting Program Parameters
  • Verifying the Results

Using Reports

  • Subledger Accounting Reports Overview
  • Journal Entries Report
  • Account Analysis Report
  • Third Party Balances Report
  • Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report

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