The Certificate in Coach-Mentoring qualification programme has been designed to develop the capacity to act as an effective coach-mentor, to help and support others to improve their learning and maximise their performance. The course explores tools, techniques and theories to develop appropriate skills for improving the performance of colleagues and volunteer coachees.


  • 1 day workshop, 6 hours individual phone supervision - 25 weeks' duration.
  • Time commitment: 10-15 hours per month.
  • Minimum 20 hours' coaching
  • Self-study - 180o feedback - Personal Learning Plan - Writing 6 Reflection notes

This course will help you develop your capacity as an effective Coach-Mentor who helps others maximise their job performance and take control of their own learning. Your learning and coaching practice will follow the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Code of Ethics to ensure that you adhere to best practice.


Good business English and an appetite to learn and help others develop.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practically apply a range of theories, tools and techniques to support colleagues and coachees in improving their performance
  • Reflect on your own performance as a coach so that you can continuously learn and improve

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