'Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.'

Peter Drucker

Recent high profile project failures are often deemed to have been unsuccessful not because of insufficient technical or project management capability, but due to a lack of effective project governance and inadequate strategic leadership and support. This highly engaging one-day workshop will evaluate the role of senior management and project sponsors in relation to project delivery. We examine the role of the management team and identify how more active guidance and support can be provided to project managers and their delivery teams. This will help ensure that project resources deliver best value outcomes for internal and external stakeholders.


No formal prerequisites are required for this workshop. It is assumed however that attendees will already be working in a senior role where part of their remit involves the direction and management of project staff and some level of accountability for project delivery.

Pre-course reading

Delegates will be expected to read a short article and consider the associated questions. Attendees will be asked to consider their role in supporting the achievement of strategic outcomes through effective project execution.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand their role in relation to project delivery and the support of those involved in its management
  • Describe the responsibility of the leadership team with respect to project governance
  • Explain how strategic outcomes and benefits may be managed throughout the project life cycle

Course Outline

  • How the organisation supports governance of project management
  • The interaction of the sponsor with the project manager and other project stakeholders
  • The role of the sponsor at each stage of the project life cycle
  • The responsibilities of the sponsor in relation to project governance and risk
  • Management of benefits and other strategic outcomes
  • Leadership styles that may be suitable depending on the nature of the project and the team responsible for its delivery and management

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