This course focuses on the tasks and procedures for performing regular maintenance and support of the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Center installation. The classroom lab provides a safe training environment for students to download software, install filesystem components and database components, utilize server tools, and troubleshoot problems with the guidance of an experienced instructor.


  • PPM 9.x Essentials
  • PPM 9.x Advanced


  • This course is recommended for anyone responsible for maintaining the integrity of a PPM Center system, installing upgrades, or performing PPM maintenance.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the PPM Center architecture, including a basic understanding of the PPM Center data model
  • Install PPM Center from the install package
  • Configure and start the PPM server
  • Identify the database and log file mainteance procedures for keeping PPM Center running smoothly
  • Recognize the issues involved and solutions available for managing multiple PPM Center instances, including migrating configurations between these instances
  • Customize the look and feel of the PPM Center interface
  • Explain the advanced system setup options available and recommend them as needed within your organization


Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Course objectives
  • Topic outline
  • Students' responsibilities
  • Instructor's responsibilities
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Class introductions

Module 2: PPM Application Architecture

  • System architecture
  • Available system configuration options
  • Authentication process

Module 3: Installing PPM Center

  • Hardware and software system requirements
  • Installing the PPM Center

Module 4: Configuring the PPM Server

  • Key server parameters
  • Server Configuration Wizard
  • Starting and stopping the server
  • Basic troubleshooting

Module 5: Installing the PPM Center Client

  • Client components of the PPM Workbench interface
  • Uninstalling the PPM Center Workbench components from a client machine
  • Testing and verifying install success

Module 6: System Maintenance

  • PPM file system structure
  • Basic maintenance routine on a PPM system
  • Types of PPM logs and procedures for purging and archiving
  • Using built-in server tools
  • Backup and failover options

Module 7: Maintaining Multiple Instances

  • Architecture of PPM migrators
  • Configuring a content migration process
  • Use PPM migrators to migrate configuration entities

Module 8: Customizing the PPM Center Standard Interface

  • Different types of PPM Standard Interface Customizations
  • Change the logo on the PPM standard interface
  • Change the color scheme on the PPM standard interface

Module 9: Advanced System Setup Options

  • Advanced system set up
  • Benefits of using advanced system set up