Programme and project support roles are becoming increasingly pivotal in their overall contribution to Programme and Project Management. Developed from the support team's perspective, attendees will gain an understanding of programme and project organisation structures, as well as planning, project and programme documentation, and monitoring and reporting on projects and programmes.

Candidates should have a basic working knowledge of IT. A basic understanding of Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes. All attendees would also benefit from direct experience in a PPSO, and must have passed the Certificate in Programme and Project Support Office Essentials.

  • Set up a Programme and Project Support office
  • Market their services to the rest of the organisation
  • Support programme and project initiatives to increase the chances of successful delivery
  • Centralise learning from initiatives, for the benefit of all
  • Understand the importance of key programme and project roles, documentation and processes, in order to better support them
  • How to review and assure programmes and projects
  • Support other, non-programme or project management areas of the organisation
  • Overview of PPSO foundation
  • Where the PPSO fits in the change organisation
  • The lifecycle of projects and programmes
  • Various project and programme management methods
  • Support tools available
  • How to deal with non-programme and project work
  • How to deal with difficult situations
  • Advanced Business Case Techniques
  • How to market a PSO
  • How to design and set up a PPSO
  • How to keep the PPSO current and valid

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