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This gamification data protection workshop for Data Protection Officers uses a unique board game to deliver experiential learning.


This dynamic Data Protection Officer (DPO) workshop brought to you by WiCompli, aims to teach delegates the core elements of and changes to data protection introduced by the GDPR & DPA18, including the changes post Brexit, in a fun and innovative way.

This workshop is aimed at DPO's who want a fresh approach to embeding the key changes brought about by the GDPR & DPA18, or for those who need to further develop their understanding of the revisions to data protection law. It is designed for delegates who work with, or will work with, personal data on a regular basis. The content provides extensive cover of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & DPA18, practical application and core concepts of practical data protection compliance.

It is also suitable for those who have specific data protection responsibilities in your business or organisation as it provides additional content relating to demonstrating accountability and compliance with the GDPR & DPA18 requirements.


Delegates should have a basic awareness of data protection.

Learning Outcomes

  • The main concepts & principles of the GDPR & DPA18
  • Understand the key elements and enhancements of the GDPR & DPA18
  • Understand the risks and implications from individual action and organisational practice

Learners will:

  • Recap and increase knowledge of good practice in Data Protection
  • Develop a deeper understanding, competence, and confidence in relation to Data Protection principles and the GDPR
  • Debate and explore solutions to Data Protection related scenarios
  • Recognise the risks and implications of the legislation on individuals and for organisations
  • How to make behavioural and systematic changes to improved how personal data is managed.
  • Focus on the key changes to the Data Protection legisation post Brexit and the implications

Course Outline

Content covers the following subjects:

  • Knowledge of GDPR & DPA18
  • Information Security
  • Information Rights
  • Consent
  • Definitions
  • Lawful processing
  • Data Breaches
  • Accountability & Governance
  • Post Brexit changes

This content is covered through the use of:

  • Fact based questions to consolidate underpinning knowledge
  • Scenario based questions to encourage application of knowledge in day to day situations
  • Enforcement and chance encounters that provide awareness of the risks and implications for non-compliance as well as the benefits of pursuing good practice

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