There are two variants of this workshop. A 1 day version described below which is the standard workshop covering retirement lifestyle and finance and also an extended 1½ day version (see the P4RPLUS course) where the extra ½ day is an extra finance session for those that are particularly interested in this aspect.

Workshop is a 1 day facilitated workshop which covers all the lifestyle aspects of retirement and associated finance. The key benefit is that the workshop isn't just about passing information. The exercises and discussions assist delegates, and if appropriate their partner, to identify what is important to them personally and to identify the actions they need to take to ensure they enjoy and make the most of their retirement. If they haven't already decided exactly when to retire, the workshops will help them weigh up the possibilities and decide what is right for them.

Note that the terms Retirement Course, Retirement Seminar, Retirement Training, Pre-retirement Course will also often be used interchangeably to describe this type of course.



Delegates will learn how to

The decision when to retire is a significant personal decision and these days when we retire we hopefully have some 25-30 years of active life ahead of us. It's a huge opportunity.

However the change from a work situation, to one where there is no structure and nobody telling us what to do, is one of the biggest changes of our lives. Whatever length of time we spent working and travelling to work each day, and whatever aspirations we have for retirement, filling 40-50 hours each week on top of previous leisure time, for the next 25 years, is a major challenge!

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage delegates to think seriously about all aspects of their retirement in a structured way and to increase their chances of enjoying and making the most of this potentially fulfilling phase of their life and avoiding some of the common pitfalls. If they haven't already decided exactly when to retire, the workshops will help them weigh up the possibilities and decide what is right for them.


At the end of the workshop, you will have considered the significant change you will undergo when you retire and the following aspects of planning and managing your retirement:

  • Which elements of your current life are important to you and how this impacts on your choices in retirement
  • Your hopes and concerns for retirement and how these may be addressed
  • The financial aspects of retirement, including 'pension freedom' options, lump sums, your budget and how you can make the most of living on a fixed income
  • Your preferences and the things you think are important in both work and leisure
  • The nature of work in retirement, whether you wish to carry on with work in any form and the options open to you
  • The hobbies and pastimes you may wish to develop or take up
  • The benefits and opportunities available to you in adult continuing education
  • The importance of health and fitness in retirement and how you can improve your chances of staying fit and healthy
  • The alternative types of holidays and travel now available and that you may wish to take advantage of
  • The nature of your personal relationships in retirement and how to manage these
  • The advantages and pitfalls in moving house in retirement

As a result you will have the basis for deciding when to retire, identified key elements of your retirement plan and have a framework for developing it further to ensure it meets 5 essentials of retirement.

  • Staying Physically Fit
  • Staying Mentally Fit
  • Staying Financially Fit
  • Maintaining or Increasing Social Contacts
  • Enjoying retirement