Our Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship covers the key competencies that Senior Managers need to understand and develop effective management and leadership practices at a higher level.

Our innovative programme has been designed based on the latest best practice to give learners the qualifications, skills and grounding to become outstanding Operations / Departmental Managers. With the potential to improve quickly and go beyond expectations.

What’s included?

On successful completion of the programme, apprentices gain the following qualifications:

  • Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5
  • CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management
  • CMI Chartered Manager Award (eligible with 3+ years management experience)

  • Must be in a management role such as Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager, Departmental Manager or Specialist Manager
  • GCSE level 3 or above (or equivalent) AND English AND Maths GCSE
  • Must not hold an existing qualification at the same or higher level than this apprenticeship in a similar subject

Job role suitability if already in employment:

To help determine whether this programme is suitable for you or your employee you must be able to answer “yes” to the following questions.

  • Learners will be accountable to a more senior manager or business owner.
  • Learners have operational/departmental responsibility by creating plans and setting KPIs.
  • Learners have responsibility for multiple teams, Managers and/or projects.
  • Learners have responsibility for the achievement of organisational strategy.
  • Learners be responsible for partner, stakeholder and supplier management, including any negotiation.
  • Learners will have key responsibility for:
  • Creating and delivering operational plans
  • Managing projects
  • Managing change
  • Financial and resource responsibility/accountability
  • Talent management
  • Recruitment and development
  • Coaching and mentoring

Note: Speak to your Account Manager for more advice on eligibility and job role/existing staff suitability for this programme.

Apprentices need apprenticeship programmes that resonate with their day-to-day life. In keeping with this - we have innovated through technology and digital content creation to deliver a ‘high tech, high touch’ approach to blended learning.

High-quality learning content on the go. We deliver “mobile-first” education – this means learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Apprentices on this Operations / Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship will learn easy-to-implement, performance-enhancing leadership skills including:

  • Delivering operational excellence
  • Leading through innovation and change
  • Managing and developing business relationships
  • Enhancing integrity, ethics and social responsibility

Empowering roles such as:

  • Operations Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Divisional Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Specialist Manager

We also include market-leading profiling tools in our programme to get the best out of your Managers:

  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) - your Managers will learn to understand what makes them and others tick.
  • SDI will empower your Senior Managers to communicate effectively.
  • The Visionary Leader (by Marshall Sashkin, PhD) - which enables Managers to discover their approach to leadership and gain 360 feedback from others.

During the programme learners will be required to spend 20% of time at work on off-the-job learning.

Knowledge modules are taught through a combination of classroom workshops and online learning, giving learners essential skills to higher-level leadership and management, which they can apply in the workplace. After some modules, learners also complete CMI assignments in the workplace.

Our face-to-face training workshops and online learning develops the core set of skills learners must be able to do well to be competent in their role. This is mastery.

During this apprenticeship programme learners will complete:

  • Four knowledge modules exploring in-depth leadership theory and fundamentals, through a combination of online learning and practical classroom workshops.
  • On-programme assignments for the ILM diploma.
  • A work-based portfolio and workplace project showcasing how learners have applied the skills they’ve learned in the workplace.
  • An end-point assessment in the last 2-3 months of the programme – consisting of a presentation and Q&A session, an interview and a discussion relating to CPD activity.

To ensure all apprentices can do these skills consistently well, we’ve designed modules with the following learning outcomes:

Module 1: Manager to Leader

  • Apply behavioural flexibility to get results
  • Lead by collaboration and consultation
  • Equality and diversity in teams
  • Tackle difficult conversations
  • Align teams to a common vision and values
  • Understand how to engage and motivate teams (local and remote)
  • Understand the concept of high performing teams
  • Develop themselves and teams for the future

At the end of this workshop, the apprentice will have the following:

  • CMI assignment to complete in the workplace:
  • Principles of Operational Leadership & Management
  • Principles of Developing, Managing & Leading Individuals
  • Using Reflective Practice to Inform Personal & Professional Development

Module 2: Delivering Operational Excellence

  • Understand operational management approaches and models including creating plans to deliver objectives and setting key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Learn how to set targets and monitor performance as well as understand business development tools (e.g. SWOT/ PESTLE) and approaches to continuous improvement
  • Understand operational business planning techniques, including how to manage resources
  • Understand data security and management and the effective use of technology in an organisation

At the end of this workshop, the apprentice will have the following CMI assignment to complete in the workplace:

  • Creating & Delivering Operational Plans

Module 3: Fundamentals of Project Management

  • Describe the role of the chair person
  • Know how to structure an effective meeting
  • Demonstrate the skills required to manage an effective meeting

At the end of this workshop, the apprentice will have the following CMI assignment to complete in the workplace:

  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships;
  • Managing Projects to Achieve Results; Managing Change

Commencement of project for EPA

Module 4: Managing Budgets

  • Identify the benefits and importance of understanding budgets within an organisation
  • Understand financial terminology or jargon
  • Be aware of the true costs of a project, team or department
  • Recognise how an organisation measures financial performance
  • Use management accounting techniques such as costing, cash flow and budgeting, to help forecast performance, support decision making and manage budgets
  • Recognise how organisations identify the drivers of their financial performance

At the end of this workshop, the apprentice will have the following CMI assignment to complete in the workplace:

  • Managing Finance

Bringing it all together

This is an opportunity for learners to do the following:

  • Complete guided learning: Chairing Meetings
  • Complete guided learning: Advanced Communication Techniques
  • Complete guided learning: Advanced Time Management
  • Finish any outstanding assignments
  • Interview preparation
  • Knowledge test preparation
  • Create work based project presentation and presentation preparation

Complete and consolidate work based project and all associated documentation including:

  • Portfolio building/review/check

For more information download the handout

NOTE: this programme is only available in England.

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