Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool designed to bring together people, communication and content in a single interface.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at anyone who needs to create and work with the Microsoft Teams app. You may be a Microsoft Team owner required to create and manage a Teams area for colleagues, or someone who will use Teams to work with colleagues.

Teams will be accessed through a combination of the full web app and/or a locally installed app.

During the course, learners will create a Team using a scenario based approach. Using an interactive approach in a hosted environment, delegates will work through a series of workplace challenges to explore and utilise the functionality available in Microsoft Teams.


  • A basic understanding of instant messaging
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to use a browser

Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate around the Microsoft Teams App
  • Create a Microsoft Team
  • Add and Manage Owners and Members
  • Create Channels
  • Set Team and Channel Options
  • Use the Conversation Tools
  • Arrange Teams Meetings
  • Add Content using Apps
  • Use the Microsoft Teams Command Bar

Course Outline

Microsoft Teams App and Environment

  • App versions and how to access them

Creating a Microsoft Team

  • Create the Team
  • Add Owners and Members
  • Adding Channels to generate the Team structure

Microsoft Teams Options

  • Team level options
  • Channel level options, favourites and links
  • Delete a channel

Conversation and Meetings in Microsoft Teams

  • Conversations as chat
  • Conversation options and content
  • Private Chat
  • Mentions
  • Meetings

Adding Content to Teams

  • Microsoft Office documents
    • Uploading
    • Creating and editing in Teams
    • Moving documents between channels
  • Including and using other apps
    • Planner
    • Flow
    • Stream

Using the Microsoft Teams Command Bar

  • Personal commands – presence and status
  • Channel navigation and other Command Bar actions
  • Communicating and personal actions with the Command Bar

Making a Team Inactive

  • Archiving a Team
  • Deleting a Team

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