Special Notices

Please note: These Office 365 modular sessions can be combined with others to create bespoke events, e.g. Teams and OneDrive for Business. Please contact us for further details.


Welcome to Microsoft Office 365 and the Sway application. This course describes all the key features and benefits of using this presentation tool. Microsoft Sway allows users to create story boards, tutorials or newsletters for presentation, marketing or educational purposes.


Before attending this course, delegates should have basic knowledge of how to use a computer and how to use the internet. Basic Keyboard and mouse skills are required. Some knowledge of Office 365 is useful, but not essential as an overview will be covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate their way around the Sway environment
  • Create a Sway from the start as well as using other methods
  • Add content into Sway
  • Present a Sway
  • Import content from other sources
  • Work collaboratively within Sway
  • Share their Sway with other users

Course Outline

Module 1: Get started with Microsoft Sway

  • Overview of Sway
  • Log into Microsoft Sway
  • Layout and Navigation of Sway Home Page
  • Example Sways

Module 2: Create a new Sway

  • Create a new Sway
  • Insert a Title
  • Insert Text into your Sway with Cards
  • Format TextMove content around
  • Change the Design
  • Change the Layout of your Sway
  • Preview your Sway

Module 3: Add further content to your Sway

  • Add Images
  • Add Video
  • Add Audio
  • Embed elements with the Embed Card
  • Work with Card Groups
  • Present your Sway

Module 4: Create a Sway from other sources

  • Create a Sway from a Topic
  • Create a Sway from a Document
  • Create a Sway from a Template

Module 5: Collaboration and Sharing

  • Collaborate on a Sway at the same time
  • Share a Sway with colleagues via email

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